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  1. The frustration is understandable, but I ask for a little more patience. As will be announced today on the forums, we're back up and running and as mentioned earlier, the 13th of July is when we will announce a release date.
  2. There isn't a "truth" to expose; there's no conspiracy or major event to hide. I understand the frustration, especially as an Early Supporter, and I hope that in time we can repair what has been damaged by a series of unfortunate but sadly uncontrollable events that have happened in the past few months.
  3. Generally, I don't agree entirely with a wholesale replacement of California with San Andreas. It leaves very little scope for us to define our own history, and the LSPD and government agencies alike have their own history and policy that isn't 100% based on their real life equivalent. To scrap that all the way up to 2019 can be damaging to the factions. The weather system is based on California but exaggerated so that more extreme weathers like fog, snow, storms, etc are more common and the weather forecast is available ingame via the weather app on the phone. Weather & Temperature Weather App Most other things look good to me, though. Bordering Oregon and Nevada doesn't sit well with me because we have a very real coastline in San Andreas. How could you explain away the east or north coasts? How could we possibly hope to enforce a "San Fierro doesn't exist" rule, or Liberty City for that matter when so many people incorporate it into their roleplay and character? I don't think it should be officially mentioned but it certainly can't be banned. San Andreas has always been roleplayed as the 51st state, a small island state in the Pacific Ocean. I see no reason to change this. We can still model from California; many places, especially police departments, use the LA model. NorSan and SoSan is also completely viable without having to completely erase California.
  4. don't come to customs tomorrow
  5. it's GMT-5 in EST and tokyo is GMT+9 https://lmgtfy.com
  6. The healthbar is temporary:
  7. create cool features that make you say "wow!"
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