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  1. Xanakin

    Damage System Preview

    Its the custom recoil script, showing off how the recoil could be if you go full auto/fast fire with assault rifles & a pistol - hard to control and going all over the place as it should realistically.
  2. boeler ty ty I love to watch em scatter
  3. boopedepapi bolognese you just earned yourself 1 hour of co-op ready or not gameplay
  4. Andromeda is booty, trilogy is one of the best story driven games I've played.
  5. Xanakin

    DOTA 2

    I hate and love this game at the same time with a passion.
  6. Yes you can, you can also solo.
  7. Mainstream clubs usually play EDM and have the occasional sub-genre themed openings, back on SAMP the majority of the clubs were playing hip-hop & latin. In my eyes we're not about to restrict club owners on what music to have played, its on them if their customers decrease/increase based on their choices. Nightclubs should be rarer than compared to SAMP had in my personal opinion, as more genuine work and funding goes into them compared to a casual bar. I've already been preaching about map blips being a thing and when it comes to advertisements they'll be there mandatory, just like we had on SAMP
  8. in theory you could've nailed the 2022 one 171
  9. Nightlife roleplay (bars, clubs, strip clubs etc.) play huge parts in both legal and illegal roleplay, even being the main income for certain companies/characters back on SAMP and surely will be the same here once the server launches. This topic is purely made to get suggestions and feedback on how the nightlife was handled back on SAMP and what would be the perfect way to handle this on LSRP:V. I personally would like to see nightlife to be handled like we had back on SAMP but more in-depth and expanded upon. Actually having to get scripted stock for your businesses (consumables like food and drinks especially), automated advertisement system (countered by having to pay more per advertisement compares to manual advertisements), and obviously map blips to showcase/advertise open businesses.
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