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  1. LS-RP used to be my place to out my creativity, whether through character developing roleplay or simply practicing a hobby through that character (DJ'ing in my case). The people I met and started to see as friends were the reason I kept coming back, especially later in my ''roleplay career'' when I started to take roleplay in general more serious and started to actually care about character development. Scenarios started to become more fun instead of the ''younger perspective'' of me back then that just wanted to shoot 24/7, passive roleplay like going to a nightclub, restaurant etc. started to become meaningful compared to them being seen as a money drain back then. Also not to mention the fact that stuff we learned through roleplaying was sometimes useful in real life as well, all because the server aimed for a realistic approach to the in-game universe. For example, thanks to the aforementioned hobby I landed myself IRL gigs, even to this day. I'm sure that specifically PD/SD/FD roleplayers could name an example of this too. In regards of the other comments, I agree with a good portion on here. Like others I've spent numerous hours (too many even) being part of this community. Staff or not, at the end of the day everyone wants to see the server being released. Voicing your frustration is good, however flaming isn't the way to do that. Like myself I've been voicing mine for more transparency at day one after passing my TA (Test-Admin) period. I agree that something could've been said on his end, however like yourselves I do not know the details as to why but I'm sure it had to be serious not to be mentioned just yet, hopefully tomorrow's meeting will shed more light to that.
  2. I personally prefer keeping it as it was before, it did the trick just fine and was the perfect balance.
  3. That's baked into RAGEMP in general. I personally dislike it too however at the moment of typing it's not something we can just flick on and off, that's something on RAGEMP's end.
  4. Something I've already asked about and they're not adding that pre-launch.
  5. I personally would rather see a more realistic approach, being more strict when it comes to mass shootouts/brawls.
  6. I can tell you haven't played on the SAMP server or at least never bothered with XMR stations. We've had a system on SAMP where people could play their own streams through an XM station (/setstation). All they had to do was create their own server host with an auto DJ, free and paid variants are available matter of searching, and then requesting the XM stream to be added in-game; all players could do this. You also never seen the amount of reports coming in, ranging from simple requests to serious situations such as Deathmatching; last thing we want to do is waste time and effort on someone playing explicit noises from a radio. Your suggestion is just like we had on SAMP, something that still is in place, however handled through the Forums back then. Do your research before you start calling people ''selfish as fuck''.
  7. Playing a random playlist off YouTube isn't DJ'ing; even if you use software to stream it you're just basically ripping someone else their mix. Sadly most players doesn't see that what we for example did on SAMP was actually manually done, live on the spot. You'd also be surprised how easy and often something easy to abuse will be taken advantage of, we as an admin team don't want to spend time handling reports regarding players playing explicit noises etc. while we could've invested time and effort into something else. Music can be heard from outside of vehicles, at least in the current test build - including custom streams. Meaning all it takes is 1 vehicle stationed playing disturbing noises. I'm indeed more a fan of being able to control what group/faction gets a perk of some sorts, so they'd be able to play a certain link to their stream etc. - however that can be requested by anyone already, just to get their XMR stations added in-game just like we had on SAMP.
  8. Could be a sick server event location.
  9. I don't see why not, just another thing to personalize - but like said above shouldn't be even thought of before or at the launch, more like a few months in.
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