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  1. thank you for speaking out at least
  2. Personally I hate having features blocked behind a paywall. Please don't make certain abilities restricted to donator-only, instead have the perks be some sort of discount or improvement of X feature.
  3. The ability to sell a car with its loan paid off hasn't been fixed?
  4. With all do respect, money can undeniably buy developers. Mmartin and company are not forced to remain volunteers and do things in their free time. Projects this big could use paid devs or whatever is possible to form a stronger and more efficient dev team.
  5. Good! But slow updates Considering all the donations, it could be better
  6. This could be a wiki article that you can access IG through /help
  7. idea looks good on paper. but why should someone believe you get can get 800 players on SA? "Create a new script, potentially on a new platform" this takes 6 months + to achieve. look at how long LSRP V was in development. i think you can quickly see how this is not viable.
  8. You just reminded me of this series! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1586680/
  9. Bons dias. Meus caros falantes do nosso lindo português, o que fazem no LSRP? Portugal Brasil Cabo Verde Angola Moçambique Guiné Bissau São Tomé e Príncipe
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