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  1. Update Minimum font size increased. (1 > 10) The default font size value has been set to 12. When the page first opened, the 'font size' value not appearing was fixed. Thank you @kosowarner!
  2. Ohh, you should change Font size value @kosowarner.
  3. Update Auto detection of San Interviews texts added. (thank you @Church!) Auto detection of department texts and radio texts added. (thank you @n0de101!) Some timestamp detection fixes. [20:30:02] **[CH: SACF, S: 1] Chase Cantrell: Officer Cantrell, reporting on duty headed to A1. [20:30:05] [SAN Interview] NR Catherine Church: As Americans we love stuff. We love buying stuff, sellling stuff, eati ... [20:30:06] [SAN Interview] NR Catherine Church: ... ng stuff and throwing stuff away. [20:30:07] ** [SADCR>POLICE] Correctional Officer I Chase Cantrell: Corrections for Police. [20:30:08] ** [POLICE>FIRE] Police Officer III Kennedy Finnegan: Police for Fire.
  4. Soru zaten başlıkta yazıyor. LS-RP hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz?
  5. Update Phone, phone-low and megaphone added. (thank you @canthurrylove) Some line height fixes. (thank you @almightybounter) Domain changed. - chatlog-magician.pages.dev (( Kennedy Finnegan :o< This is a megaphone test. )) Kennedy Finnegan says (phone - low): This is a low phone test. Kennedy Finnegan says (phone): This is a phone test.
  6. Trucker Personal Digital Assistant Introduction As @Michael said 4 years ago, have you ever done trucking and found that your small brain can't process all the information thrown at you in /tpda? I sure have too. I don't have the brain capacity to figure out what the quickest route is, or what the most profitable route is, or what route is the most efficient. But like @Michael, I also have the capacity to instruct a computer to do it. So, I've done it again this. The idea belongs entirely to Michael. Since the previous TPDA website and TPDA source code coded by Michael were deleted, I decided to revive this tool. I have developed a comparison website for the truckers in LS-RP Community. This site helps players find the fastest, most profitable, or most efficient trucker routes. Additionally, it enables players to compare performances between different routes, such as distances between two points. This website is designed to assist players in being more effective and efficient in the trucker job within LSRP. Features Route creation. The most profitable and shortest distance indicators when creating a route. A complete list of industries is available. It shows the location of the industry you clicked on from this list on the map, and when you click on it on the map, you can see all the detailed information about the industry. There is a section where you can obtain information about vehicles that can be used for the trucker job while working as trucker. Filtering feature for location icons that appear on the map. Detailed calculation of profit and spending money. Media
  7. Congrats @Michael! I love u buddy.
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