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  1. It's very situational, especially with factions (both legal and illegal). I agree with your first point. LEOs going John Wick on an armed 4 door should be forced to CK if they die. And the same should apply vice versa if you're alone and you try to shoot it out with a large group of LEOs by yourself instead of roleplaying the scenario out. In some of the gang factions I was leading we made sure that if we had a long lasting rivalry with another gang which escalated to a war, we would always reach out and try to promote CKs for members from both sides that were willing to CK. It should be something that is mutually agreed on rather than forced. It gives gangs actual "dead homies" in character and opens a lot of different roleplay opportunities. Making it mandatory to CK if someone you have a long lasting beef with kills you would only cause more problems than good roleplay. I've seen and been in enough of these wars to know how sour it can turn when somebody dies to a poorly roleplayed hit or a hit where rules were broken, just so they can win the war and post their death screenshots. I'm pretty sure it's established that if you get executed by your faction you CK. That's why you take their CK permissions before allowing them into your faction.
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    finished last season immo 1, back to the grind Kev#KAG if anyone wants to add, eu servers
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