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    Killeen Loyalists

    "Whereas the Mafia was a private club, the Irish Mob was more of a philosophy. Under the guise of the lawman, the politician, and the gangster." Irish Mob in the United States Irish American organized crime is a phenomenon that predates the Italian American organized criminal society, La Cosa Nostra. It is the oldest criminal group in the United States, with traceable history in almost every major city in the country. Evolving from exclusively Irish street gangs within the Northeast during the 19th century, the Irish mob flourished in the pre-Prohibition and Prohibition eras. Irish mobsters with great know-how and business savvy developed ingenious ways to smuggle alcohol from Ireland into the Northeast coast of the United States, thereby leading to an unprecedented period of wealth and growth. The majority of Irish street gangs and criminal organizations had fizzled out by the 1940s. Stark competition from the Italian gangs and crime families had put them out of business. Reduced to ragtag groups of enforcers, many gangs chose to side with their Italian counterparts, rather than oppose them. After this period of decline, the Irish gangs along the Northeast coast of the country faced an invigoration in the 1950s and 1960s. This invigoration saw the rise of the Winter Hill gang, The Westies and the Charlestown Mob. All of these criminal organizations became prominent figures in the criminal underworld of the American Northeast for decades. These criminal gangs entrenched themselves within the Irish communities of major American cities and maintained tight partnerships with the Five Families. At one point, owing to their higher levels of sophistication, police speculated that the gangs were connected to the Provisional IRA during The Troubles. This period would only last for 4 decades at most, with organized crime police task forces largely dismantling the groups before the turn of the 1990s. Irish American organized crime in Los Santos dates back to the Prohibition era in approximately 1925. Irish American alcohol smugglers from San Fierro sent men to Southern San Andreas in the late 1920s in order to sell bootlegged alcohol in impoverished rural and urban areas. Most of the alcohol was sold off to residents of Irish, Italian and Greek communities in Los Santos, but a considerable amount was dealt to whites and Latinos inhabiting poor agricultural lands. After the Great Depression of 1929, some Irish American gangsters broke off from the San Fierro mobs and formed their own criminal organizations in the Eastside district of Los Santos. These criminal organizations participated in turf wars with their Italian and Greek American counterparts over bootlegged alcohol distribution. By the end of the 1930s, several dozen of these Irish American gangsters remained in the poor areas of the city and established themselves long-term. A number of these gangsters formed groups that still exist in Los Santos today, although they do not nearly have the power and influence that they once did. While contemporary Irish American criminal organizations in the Northeast were being decimated by the police in the 1990s, things were just getting started for the Irish on the west coast. The East Beach Mob's origins began in the late 1990s and fully came to fruition by the early 2000s. They quickly became infamous for their narcotics trafficking in East Beach and their street wars with Balkan and Chinese criminal organizations. At one point, it was alleged by the Los Santos police and FBI that the East Beach Mob, and other Irish American gangsters, were in communication with the Provisional IRA in Ireland. Eventually, the East Beach Mob itself was largely obliterated by various law enforcement in San Andreas and federal agencies such as the FBI and ATF. After the numerous turf wars and extremely effective law enforcement action, Irish American organized crime in Los Santos became largely dormant. Most Irish American gangsters that reside and criminally operate within Los Santos nowadays have arrived only just recently, typically from the Northeast or Midwest regions of the country. They have tight connections to Irish mobs back in major cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia and Boston. Many are not there on their free will, but have instead been sent by the upper echelons of their organizations to commit crime in the city on its behalf. Because they are loosely organized in Los Santos, and are not inclined to interact with one another, local police are mostly unaware of their presences and criminal acts. This has allowed them to turn a considerable amount of profit in an extremely lucrative part of the country without the authorities and general public knowing much about it. The Rise and Fall of the Killeen Mob In Los Santos, one Irish criminal group rose in the dust of the Westies, Winter Hill Gang and The Murray Syndicate. This criminal group was referred to as The Killeen Mob by the police and federal authorities. Founded by Charles Killeen and spearheaded by childhood partners in crime Nick Robinson and Luke Dillon, it soon became a staple in the Los Santos underworld. Contrasting deeply to the ways of yesteryear and pre-Prohibition, The Killeen Mob took a page out of the Westie's book and descended into a regime of profound ruthlessness and violence. Known for their abhorrent executions, violence and internal conflicts, they ruled over multiple Central and South Los Santos locations with a iron grip all the way up to late 2019. Mickey Robinson oversaw the Killeen Mob's operations from the shadows, allowing his son Nick Robinson to follow in his footsteps and call the shots. Luke Dillon was a key figure in the expansion of the Killeen Mob's extensive criminal network, with James "The Conman" Conlon, Frank Lanahan, and Ryan Campbell working under him to establish a large-scale heroin and weapon trafficking ring, supplying street gangs and organised crime groups across Los Santos. The Killeen Mob maintained a reputation for being a ruthless force that were never afraid to get their hands dirty. Despite being a much smaller scale entity compared to the vast amount of organised crime groups that dominated Los Santos at the time, the Killeen Mob survived through a number of conflicts with much larger organisations such as Motorcycle Clubs and Serbian Crime Syndicates. Assasinations, kidnappings, and extortion are a few of the many activities to name which specific members of the Mob were known for. The Killeen Mob operated for many months using businesses in the South Los Santos area to launder money and base their operations in, but inevitably crumbled due to deep internal struggles. There had been bad blood boiling between members in the Mob for many years ever since the internal assasination of Mark Connolly, a former shotcaller in the Mob, carried out by Luke Dillon and The Conman by order of Mickey Robinson. Mark's corpse was found late at night in a Downtown pub owned by a member of the Mob, his head and chest riddled with bullets. This led to Mark's right hand man, Danny Burke, fleeing the state in fear for his life, and allowing Luke to claim their positions as a shotcaller. Since Mark's death, the Killeen Mob under Luke and Nick's leadership went through a number of additional internal strifes where most of the remaining pockets of the group found themselves either incarcerated, dead, or on the run. Decimated by police, and with no real hierarchy and intense infighting, the Irish had seen better days. As of now, Luke Dillon, The Conman, and Frank Lanahan are among the few remaining members of the Killeen Mob who have retreated from the South to operate in silence, and have opened the door to a sparce group of new faces to take charge of their operations in Los Santos. - To whoever's interested and aspiring members; our faction is an Irish-American faction, roleplaying a tight-knit criminal network with strong ties to the few remaining members of the Killeen Mob. If you want to join this project keep in mind that our roleplay is character-driven with a focus on realism, do not expect to become a member one or two months off the bat. It is recommended that you have a vague idea of what sort of background is going to be attached to your character before attempting to join, this includes what range of activities your character is going to be involved in. Screenshot permission is required, posting without permission will result in removal without warning. We do not have a public discord server, all recruitment is done on an in-character basis.
  2. It's very situational, especially with factions (both legal and illegal). I agree with your first point. LEOs going John Wick on an armed 4 door should be forced to CK if they die. And the same should apply vice versa if you're alone and you try to shoot it out with a large group of LEOs by yourself instead of roleplaying the scenario out. In some of the gang factions I was leading we made sure that if we had a long lasting rivalry with another gang which escalated to a war, we would always reach out and try to promote CKs for members from both sides that were willing to CK. It should be something that is mutually agreed on rather than forced. It gives gangs actual "dead homies" in character and opens a lot of different roleplay opportunities. Making it mandatory to CK if someone you have a long lasting beef with kills you would only cause more problems than good roleplay. I've seen and been in enough of these wars to know how sour it can turn when somebody dies to a poorly roleplayed hit or a hit where rules were broken, just so they can win the war and post their death screenshots. I'm pretty sure it's established that if you get executed by your faction you CK. That's why you take their CK permissions before allowing them into your faction.
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