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    We're done.

    Dear fellow roleplayers, I stand before you today with great joy and excitement, as we celebrate the re-opening of the Los Santos Roleplay server. This is a momentous occasion, not just because we can once again immerse ourselves in our favorite pastime, but also because we can do so in a server that upholds democratic values and respects our rights as players. In recent times, we have witnessed the rise of servers like Nervous' GTA:World, which prioritize money-making over the core values of roleplay. These servers cater to a specific demographic, primarily the erotic roleplayers, and often frown upon the illegal roleplay that many of us enjoy. This is a travesty, and it is heartening to see that the Los Santos Roleplay server stands in stark contrast to such practices. The democratic values that this server upholds ensure that our voices are heard, and that our opinions and suggestions are taken into account. This is what true community-driven roleplay looks like. We have the freedom to explore the city, engage in various professions and businesses, and participate in legal and illegal activities, all within the bounds of roleplay. The re-opening of the Los Santos Roleplay server is a testament to the perseverance and dedication of the administrators and the community. It is a symbol of our collective effort to create a server that is welcoming, inclusive, and free from the shackles of money-grubbing practices. This is a server where we can truly express ourselves and live out our fantasies without fear of judgement or ridicule. So let us all raise a toast to the re-opening of the Los Santos Roleplay server, and to the values that it stands for. Let us continue to uphold these values and work towards creating a better and more inclusive community, where everyone is welcome and respected. Let us shun the money-grabbing practices of servers like Nervous' GTA:World and stand proud as members of the Los Santos Roleplay server. Thank you, and let us roleplay!
  2. VexiousMaximus

    We're done.

    Bro do you even understand what a feat it is to make a gamemode like LS-RPs? It isn't easy bro,
  3. VexiousMaximus

    We're done.

    Let's GOOOO lets show that greedy french panda fuck how we do things LS-RP style
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