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    Happy birthday, LS-RP

    I’m so old.
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    Yaffa cake
  3. Sitting, waiting, for over 30 minutes just to get in the server when the limit was 160. Worth the wait. Every time.
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    Two Worlds, One Love

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    got a stein with your name on
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    gail platt looks like a lasagne
  7. As far as I'm currently aware, the Government Agencies are using their new forums for SA-MP activity, not the old ones. Therefore anything to do with SA-MP, should have a new section in the new forums as appropriate. Yes! Old properties and basically anything you had when the server shut down, will still be there. But everything will be subject to the usual activity requirements when the server does open. Hope this answers your questionz.
  8. We're discussing SAMP areas internally so expect to see some changes to the forum structure (including the possibility of screenshots / modding section / more)
  9. Thanks for your question. Houses with existing owners from when the SAMP server shut, will still retain ownership of those houses. However once we open, those players and their assets will be subject to activity requirements (details TBC), meaning that any players who are inactive will at some point have their properties listed for auction, allowing other players the chance to buy them. The prison will be available at launch, yes, as SADCR.
  10. Hi everyone, yes I'm back, how exciting. Before diving into the obvious purpose of this post, let me briefly touch on what I'll be focusing on in my new role. The leadership team has brought me on board as Head of Project to provide strategic direction to LS-RP, both for our RageMP server and the upcoming relaunch of our SA-MP server. I’m already knee-deep in planning on a variety of topics and can't wait to start putting things into action. During my previous tenure I was heavily involved in Communications, often leading our community meetings; and I'll be picking these up again. I also played a key role in revising how our systems enhance the player experience, such as the changes to Company schemes, pushing for the introduction of the /startshift feature, and all sorts of background calculations to ensure that businesses were well-supported. Ultimately I was only providing advisory support back then; but this time I'm in the leadership team and able to really keep things moving in a positive direction. Moving forward, I will be determining our development roadmap priorities and working closely with all sub-teams to ensure that our systems, schemes, and overall server management deliver the best possible experience. I’m open to making necessary adjustments; whether it's tweaking features, overhauling systems, or revamping schemes to ensure everything works better for everyone. But enough about me - this is about you. Entirely about you, in fact. I’m brimming with ideas, but your input is invaluable and will help to shape our direction. That’s why I’m inviting you to spend about 10 minutes to fill out a survey. Your feedback is crucial, and to make it worth your while, three lucky random participants will win a £20 Amazon voucher (or the equivalent in your local currency). So please, share your thoughts with me. Here's the link to the survey. Whether you play actively right now, started to play and then left, or are completely new to the community, your input would be much appreciated. Let's make LS-RP the best it can be.
  11. So your old character and their assets will still exist, including any cars or property ownerships or what-not. The old forum actually exists at the moment in read-only format, but moving forward, we'll be porting relevant topics over to this forum for SAMP. To clarify: not everything, just what's needed to keep things operational moving forward.
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