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  2. I see your points. As someone who hasn't had to A) report anyone recently nor B) deal with any actual reports, my perspective is obviously pretty limited. But here's my take: If this were a court of law and we treated player reports as such, then yes, there's a strong argument that "all reports, no matter who they come from, should go through a strict procedure which does not take into account their status as staff members". In this way, equality is very obvious and so on and so forth, all the points you mentioned previously are valid. In practise however I imagine that the actual act of dealing with these issues is incredibly long-winded - looking at previous player reports there's a hell of a lot of forum back-and-forth which can stretch out over days/weeks and even then, seem unresolved. Again, I speak obviously as someone who hasn't had to deal with this before. If the individual bringing the 'case' towards an allegedly 'offending' player is a staff member however, there is an intrinsic amount of trust that's already been given to that staff member by management purely from holding the position in the first place. In other words, there is some implicit trust that the staff individual is less likely to come forth with a sense of bias, because if they were ever found to be lying or in breach, they would be jeopardising their position. Plus, they have earned trust in the first place by being granted the position. In this way, there is a sort of "class divide" from a trust perspective. But it is also true as ever it has been in the past that there will have been some staff members who may have abused this privilege, or felt themselves 'above' things. I don't think this is right either, and as you say, a way of seeing whether this happens is for the entire process to take place in Report a Player. So that is one potential solution, but I think from a practical perspective, it would basically slow everything down. This is one of the reasons why forum court-based RP has never appealed to me: it's too longwinded and it takes ages to get to the actual point. If some cases can be resolved privately, then so be it. But is that right? I'm not sure. Tldr: I'm a bit on a fence about this and can see where you're coming from, but can also see why it's been done the way it is too.
  3. And we're done here I believe. It's a shame really - but at the end of the day, this thread and any thread in general discussions is for exactly that: a discussion. Discussions can get heated, emotional and so on and this is fine and to be expected. It's also why anything which critiques the server or its scripts or decisions isn't hidden or deleted; it's things we need to see to help things get better. However, when they become personal attacks on other players or groups of players, this is where the issue lies. If you believe that someone has wronged you in some way then they should be reported - there's information on that here: When individuals or groups are named and referenced directly, arguments ensue, and this is the General Discussions forum not the General Arguments forum. Lockin' up here.
  4. Yes I would agree with all of this and think it's a core issue to tackle before we even get into trying to get new players (whether they come from other communities, other games, or are new to RP). Many folks are simply used to how LS-RP works that they forget that well, not everyone knows how it works from the get-go. Both a better 'customer journey' from landing on the website through to sign-up, followed by some in-game hand-holding at the start, would probably help with a bit of short term player retention for new folks. I get that there are a lot of other big issues to do with systems, scripts and so on, which may result in people eventually deciding it's not for them... but at least if they're given a good start, feel welcomed and so on, they're given the opportunity to decide for themselves further down the line without feeling overwhelmed.
  5. It is clear that this thread has derailed slightly but I'm loathed to shut it down because some of the things being discussed were genuinely useful. No more back and forth on personal issues between each other please, take it to DMs.
  6. I think everyone's got a point here. Here's my take: 1. Yes we should try to encourage RP hubs so that there's at least one or two reliable 'casual RP' places which aren't so reliant on business openings. 2. One way of doing this, as suggested, is to move some businesses closer together and perhaps remove some of the other ones. This is something Dos Santos and I have talked about before and the odds are we'll end up doing it. 3. In addition to the above, we had the idea of trying to actively manage some of the businesses; having clerks in 24/7s and gas stations and so on. This would be reliant on some sort of shift/job feature which, is on the to do list. 4. Support factions as much as we can and provide them with whatever they need to make an area appealing to their type of roleplay - such as allowing outdoor furniture items. This approach can also be combined with the above, if the factions are happy having other businesses near their hub. Having it all happen 'naturally' and without intervention is the ideal, but I think a jumpstart is needed, even if it's not one that's sustained or managed for very long just to see what happens. A key consideration would be whether any of the hubs be considered 'safe zones' or what-not. I'd argue not in the beginning, let chaos reign.
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    Welcome back sir, welcome back.
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    July 2023 Tester Update

    shit third. also congrats!
  9. If you’re looking to make money on LS-RP and are wondering how to do so, remember there are many ways besides the traditional routes of trucking, lawn mowing and fishing. There are various schemes in place which aim to promote and reward anyone who provides roleplay to the server; whether legal or illegal. This isn’t Euro Truck Simulator after all - it’s a roleplay server! Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you right now, broken down into illegal and legal schemes. Illegal Schemes There are many separate schemes in place to help illegal factions thrive, and thus help illegal characters earn some cash. For a full list of schemes click here, but otherwise read below on the ones specifically related to how characters can make money: Contraband Scheme Want to be a smuggler? You don’t just have to limit yourself to the traditional guns and drugs route; why not try smuggling (and selling) cigarettes, alcohol, jewelry and more? The contraband scheme is there to be as flexible as possible, giving your character access to smuggled-in items that they can sell for a profit. Property Scheme Thinking you might have to save up for a big faction property where all your homies can live? Not so - just take a look at the property scheme and make an application for a complex. You’ll even be given the opportunity to furnish in and around your faction’s property for free (for now!). Drugs Scheme There’s money to be made in drug dealing, and it’s not hard to find yourself a supplier through the Darknet. Apply for this scheme and get out on the streets to peddle your wares, trying to make as much profit as you can whilst being careful enough to avoid law enforcement. Weapons Scheme When words aren’t loud enough, a gun usually is. Not everyone has a firearms license though, and not everyone has the cash to buy guns legally. The solution? Think about becoming a dealer in illegal firearms. Signing up for this scheme gives you access to the Darknet, where you can purchase guns in bulk and sell them on the streets for profit. Coming soon: Scenario Scheme Thought of a unique scenario like robbing a gas station, hacking a server, and so on? Watch this space, we’re working on our ‘Scenario Scheme’ which will reward you for certain unique criminal activities - but of course there will always be risk involved! ____ Legal Schemes Want to run a company that’s not necessarily supported by the script at the moment, like a construction firm, news agency or an electrician company? Look no further - we’ll be happy to support you. By meeting just a few requirements you can get roleplaying in no time, and thanks to our company grants scheme, you’ll receive money regularly to help you stay afloat and thrive. Passive Companies Want to run a company that’s not necessarily supported by the script at the moment, like a construction firm, news agency or an electrician company? Look no further - we’ll be happy to support you. By meeting just a few requirements you can get roleplaying in no time, and thanks to our company grants scheme, you’ll receive money regularly to help you stay afloat and thrive. You’ll also receive a property and four vehicles for free! We will always be happy to discuss ways in which your passive company can earn money on the server, and of course we’ll be keeping an eye on suggestions for any script implementations that could make your roleplay more enjoyable. Active Companies (Business Leases) We periodically open up the opportunity for players to apply for business leases, running businesses such as night clubs, bars and restaurants - all of which are currently supported by the script. Think you’ve got what it takes to Simply find a free spot on the map and submit your application. Active Companies - Costs Covered All companies being set up through the business leasing scheme get a variety of benefits, including: Free furniture for the initial fit-out All costs covered for paying staff All costs covered for company advertisements Blips added for businesses on the map We know that active companies in particular are essential for providing roleplaying hubs that really make the city feel alive and immersive, so we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure that these ventures are both profitable and fun to manage. Coming Soon: Government Contracts We know that a massively-requested feature is the ability to run your own company supported by existing script features, such as a logistics or waste management company. This is very high on the priority list, keep an eye on the announcements channel on Discord for when more info is available! We know that many of you love trucking, lawn mowing and fishing, but don’t forget that there are many other avenues open to you for making good money, and this is before we even talk about legal factions like the LSPD, LSSD, LSFD and LS Government - all of which are great options too. The economy is still in its infancy and money is getting pumped into the server slowly and carefully, but there are still plenty of options listed above for making some cash, and more in the pipeline too. The key thing to remember is that we’re a roleplaying server, and we’re happy to consider any idea which rewards good quality roleplay, particularly when it involves interactions between characters. If you have ideas for more schemes, make a suggestion! Even so, we know many of you continue to have concerns about the economy. As such I reached out to Mmartin for further comment, but due to his ever-busy work schedule, we were only able to get a statement from him via his press secretary: “The decisions we’ve made regarding the economy are bold. Bold moves are the ones that shape the future. Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone; we removed sports cars from every corner and brought roleplay from the sheets back to the streets.”
  10. Thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate 'Los Santos Day 2023' with us earlier this evening - we hope you had a good time! For those who missed it, we took over Sisyphus Theater for a night of singing, speeches, music and fireworks. Kicking off festivities was Allegra Nixon singing the anthem of Los Santos: Following this patriotic tribute to our great city, Mayor Timothy Knight gave a speech. Here's a short excerpt from it: "Today, we are not just celebrating a date in history. We are commemorating the spirit of Los Santos, a spirit nurtured by its rich culture, its diverse people, and its unique heritage. A spirit that dares us to dream, and then gives us the tools to realize those dreams. In the face of any challenge, let us remember, we are Los Santos. We are the dreamers and the doers. We are the heart and the soul of this city. And together, we will build a future that our forebears would be proud of and that our children will thank us for." Finally we finished with a set from DJ Sádico and a fireworks display, accompanied by some questionable dancing from citizens and Government officials alike. Thank you for coming everyone, and Happy Los Santos Day! (Thank you to @Mouse and partner for helping with screenshots, more to follow)
  11. Welcome to you sir, enjoy!
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