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  1. Loving to see the old faces, welcome back Frankie
  2. Welcome back once again
  3. Of course we do remember. Welcome back
  4. Good luck with it, I hope it works better than in the past.
  5. first time to read lspd faction thread, i like the ranks' description - good luck guys
  6. You need to use the old UCP account that had the character name.
  7. Old character names are reserved for previous owners. So it's either you're using a different UCP account or you have name changed it and someone else had it on their account so it's reserved for someone else.
  8. I hope so as well. Six players might be an over-kill for some businesses. Even for nightclubs it's not easy to find 6 players, specially when most of the staff (bartenders, security, dancers..etc.) would mostly change with each opening for many reasons. IRL there is a company model called one many company model, and sole proprietorship. Keep up the good work anyhow.
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