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  1. These are actively being worked on. All new features will have Feature Documentation videos/documents at launch
  2. Nothing, but having a limit will help combat some of the complaints about the cops and robbers type feel that's carried over from SAMP. Forcing replenishing, having a limit on the amount that can be stored, etc. I definitely agree to a UCP map or IG app on being able to find places for rent or buy. Also at some point the complexes will be getting a custom apartment interior per complex, but that's a project that's going to take a bit of time with how small the mapping team is and with other projects ongoing.
  3. This is something that criminal RPers have complained about though. Limiting the ammo would also make cops mag dump less since they have to conserve resources.
  4. There are currently 65 complexes, totaling to 1065 apartments. Is there a place where there should be a complex but is not one currently? I'm not opposed to looking into it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xuD2RlRKt4Bi0ZHKYtC3k0qkNvV-RS8FOPpyT937nO0/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Can you give some examples of things needed from staff?
  6. I believe this is across accounts not per character. To keep newbies from joining and immediately be DMers which we did have a problem with for a short bit. Trailer is being worked on, and comms team is open to non-staff I definitely agree that premium could be reworked. That's why it was included in the December survey
  7. I agree with that, we included a question about that on the survey.
  8. This is being worked on for Mirror Park, I know the Mall was being looked at, but that's a player owned biz now.
  9. https://community.ls-rp.com/management/ This has a general snippet on each team's jobs - what are you wanting to see more of?
  10. Comms team put out a survey for December and only have a small number of responses still: https://forms.gle/qzznE59y7R5oXMPX6 This covers premium, the economy, legal factions, and events. We also did a survey in November and I gave Java access to those results today but a summary was forwarded to respective parties.
  11. Both of those are approved suggestions
  12. These have been added to the project list for mapping team: - 2 offices (for now) - 1 old money mansion style - 2 meth/drug lab trap houses (1 with basement) - 1 regular house with basement No ETA, but we will work as we can.
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