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  1. Please keep replies related to the topic/faction. Feel free to address any concerns in the appropriate forum subsection(s).
  2. MAK0


    No, I'm livid!
  3. Commander Chef Floppa 101st Boilbourn Battalion Culinary Company Spice Squad
  4. MAK0

    Lethal Company

    @lividthinks its scary
  5. Uhhhh if you play this gem of a game let's get a squad together???? How is this not a thread yet?!
  6. MAK0


    time to make another truck...
  7. I see your point here, now. Unfortunately I was not around so I don't have the right to speak on behalf of this portion of LSRP:V history. I will admit that I believe suggestions can be reviewed and implemented quicker as well. But I won't deny for a second that the functions people want are more often than not relatively complex scripts. Additionally, I know I am not qualified to help on that front. I'd love to see you be the change you'd like to see, though. I saw a previous reply from you saying you have development experience- why not apply there and try to change the things that [you believe/factually] are needed. The Dev team acquired two new team members last month, and I see both of them working diligently on content. There is progress there, and it is visible, I just don't think people pay attention or know where to look. 1) There we go- this is something I can work with to nag people about. I agree, it should be much easier and quicker than it currently is considering the playerbase. I don't believe that just any and every idea should be put into fruition. I believe it does need certain guidelines and requirements to show the "effort"- I had to do it with MKO Logistics, and I applied for that company when our peak was the lowest it has been. I will poke at people with more clout to poke at big dogs about this one. Thank you. 2) This is in the works right now. Mirror Park will be the "hub". Mapping team is working on interiors and others are attempting to get businesses to go up around there. Additionally, there is the Davis Mall that is completely furnished, though I am not sure if it is open to the public yet. If not, I'm sure soon. (@Natasha Valentine) To answer the question, opportunity. Not limited by a completely screwed up economy. A favorable staff team. (Adult characters only). Company Ownership Opportunities. The list goes on, essentially tying into "opportunity" in general. PD academy is not three months. @CChef how long was Grace in PD Academy for? I can't speak on my character due to my commitment issues between real life, mapping, my company, etc. but it is not three months. You can knock it out in three weeks. I applied for my company and got approved within two weeks, not two months. I had a rental house day one of playing on my main character. And before you think "ah, a favorite then"- I joined less than three months ago (10/27) and was never apart of SAMP. So no, favoritism is not a factor. Have a good, detailed application with a clear business goal in mind is the factor. All in all, I don't think people realize just how approachable staff is, from JR Tester to Dos Santos himself, I've DMed them all, and received a constructive response from all. My biggest advice to anyone making suggestions: Make the suggestion, give it a few days to obtain comments/potential review, if not bump it, then @ someone on the forums and force them to provide feedback. You also have to understand that staff sees much more forum sections than we do- the latest suggestion might not even show up on their activity feed.
  8. ????? https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/91-forwarded-suggestions/
  9. MAK0


    You're welcome guys; driving around in my custom "Java Come Home" truck brought him back.
  10. This for me as well. As @livid said and I'm sure others agree, I am willing to help in whatever ways I can/is needed! My DMs on Discord are always open and I check the forums regularly!
  11. This is going to be long, but my last comment on this thread. This one is actually constructive. But, long. Read as much or little as you'd like. The very bottom is my input as a new player the past two months on this server. @livid said a lot of great points in their long post. I do not have comments on every point simply because I am too new and lack a lot of experience with the illegal side, and just got into a LEO faction- so I am pretty uneducated on both of those issues. I will comment on what I can, though. I agree that Deceive has been doing a great job and every event he has planned has had a very good turnout and drawn huge numbers in the server (huge by my standards, since 10/27). I agree with your point that people should not shy away from here solely because there, but I do understand that committing to a RP community, especially as an adult, is very time consuming and sometimes straight up hard, even at just one community. I do understand that this community isn't a Pokémon universe, and we can't "collect them all" (players). We just need to find a way to make LSRP the community they choose to invest their time in, with some unique feature(s) to us. This 1,000,000%. My first few weeks of playing, peak was sitting at about 80. There were a lot of players around, but to me, "where is everyone?". I'd peek the map and see nothing was open, and simply logout- How am I supposed to meet people ICly when there's seemingly no one around to meet? I sincerely agree with simplifying business leasing. Something like, mapping team creates a few basic interiors for default businesses (bar, restaurant, store, etc.) and people could simply walk up to a property and /blease (or whatever), essentially functioning like /rent, following the same activity standards and eviction script as well. Additionally, I think that opening a business should be possible by pretty much any supervisor+ in a business. This way the chances of "Bildo Supermarket" opening are greater at any given time. Players should also optionally be given the choice to remove the interior, either by command or /stats > business or whatever. Make them double-confirm and give them the option to map their property whenever they'd like. @Superb is great about handling property requests on the forums, however, I don't see why he needs to be tasked with this on everything, especially if there is / can be a way to easily revert to the previous interior of a property. Agree with this. I personally think that if my house has a garage, I should have the option to do a lot of changes to my car myself. Rims, some cosmetic mods, even some tuning. Maybe make an engine puller to buy in /furniture that allows more tuning options at home. Make a modshop be the only place to get tint, new paint, maybe suspension and tuning (unless you own a, let's say, $7,500 engine puller at home). By tuning I mean engine upgrades, turbo, etc. Agreed 100%, solo schemes should be much more obtainable. Drugs should not be as restricted. I am not educated enough on this topic, but I have heard of the Dark Net and don't fully understand that, either. This would be great too. Silent alarms, too, that can be pressed if an opportunity arises while getting robbed (idea- furniture item, must be within 2m of it). Or just remove /v park all together. Vehicles spawn where you have done /v setpark and then /v park and /v get are no longer needed. I am actually 100% on board with that. Lol this is what you literally said. Agree, my b I am also wanting it to be known that I am open to be contacted in regards to opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. Sometimes I do get a good idea in this empty head of mine. ------------------------- This is past due and is needed. I would have LOVED a simple, server-provided tour when I joined just to learn the command style here. Hell, it took me 2 months to realize that /lock p was an option- I was trying /plock. Yes, please. The 24/7 / electronics / clothing / etc. cashier. Maybe make a "Fisherman" /mission where you get a boat to go fishing for a scripted company. Additionally, I seen it suggested before that the waste job should be able to team up with other people and tag-team on a truck. This would be amazing. And could be applied with a potential fisherman job. This needs to be a thing in my opinion. While inside a business, an employee should be able to create an item for sale from a list generated either by the server or the business owner & approved. Or, there just needs to be more item options to put on /buy. I like the first option because it opens the doors to anything. A camping store could exist at that point selling bugspray and zap lamps. I agree here. It needs more useful perks and also I feel as though it should be tiered (3 - 5 tiers). --------------------------- I think he just means a roadmap essentially, and I agree. What current projects is modding doing? Is mapping up to anything that isn't a secret or surprise? What is gonna be included in this fat 1.8 update? The git channel on discord is awesome, I love it very much, but if you don't know what you're looking at/for it's confusing. Also does not confirm what is "coming up". ----------------------------- 1-Yes, 100% this is needed. 2-I agree, we need a few great unique to us features to draw people in. Throwing guns/items seems like a good start there imho. This will be Mirror Park, as you've heard by now. 100% Agree here, not even better paying just more engaging maybe. Like, trucking delivering to businesses near players, garbage guys getting a marker next to an open business / hotspot of players, etc. This is true and I agree though haven't witnessed first hand. I can tell by having gone thru LSPD training just this last week that they are very adamant on realism from now on, and that is commendable. I liked a lot of what I was reading as I was going thru the process. Personally I find you guys to be very approachable. I only really ever see staff being disrespectful during "banter" where I'd assume both parties are in on it, but the overall toxicity of the server does feel very strong some days, player-to-player and not staff in this case. ----------------------------- All in all, I obviously am still here and haven't gotten discouraged or turned away from here.. I guess that's partly due to my disdain of other places to RP at. But I do genuinely have a lot of hope for this community and its' future. Below are some raw, 2am notes I took on how to market our server & improve where I see room. Take it with a grain of salt, I am crabby 99% of the time.
  12. I've been saying this in casual conversation with friends I've made so far here. I think a monthly community meeting on discord in a voice channel would be a very, very good course of action to get this ship steering the right way. Multiple points can be shared across multiple perspectives. I really hope to see this happen in the near future. I'll attend no matter what- I got discord on my phone and some headphones
  13. @stringer has been workin on his own little project regarding just this. seems to be coming along nicely and i imagine it'll end up on the server in the nearish future, I hope
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