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  1. MAK0


    I am, can't you tell!?!
  2. MAK0


    adjective relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality.
  3. MAK0


    Sunburnt red ggs!
  4. Ah- my bad, then. I see how you meant it. Agree with that, it was pretty quick loading compared to Rage.
  5. Simply untrue. As mentioned over, and over, and over- it isn't as simple as uploading old SAMP files to a server and pressing play. Go search "SAMP" and look at all the reasonings posted by the development team. I'm sorry but it just isn't gonna happen. I do agree with this though- the other mediums being used ten+ years ago.
  6. MAK0


    No, I'm livid!
  7. Commander Chef Floppa 101st Boilbourn Battalion Culinary Company Spice Squad
  8. MAK0

    Lethal Company

    @lividthinks its scary
  9. Uhhhh if you play this gem of a game let's get a squad together???? How is this not a thread yet?!
  10. MAK0


    💔 time to make another truck...
  11. I see your point here, now. Unfortunately I was not around so I don't have the right to speak on behalf of this portion of LSRP:V history. I will admit that I believe suggestions can be reviewed and implemented quicker as well. But I won't deny for a second that the functions people want are more often than not relatively complex scripts. Additionally, I know I am not qualified to help on that front. I'd love to see you be the change you'd like to see, though. I saw a previous reply from you saying you have development experience- why not apply there and try to change the things that [you believe/factually] are needed. The Dev team acquired two new team members last month, and I see both of them working diligently on content. There is progress there, and it is visible, I just don't think people pay attention or know where to look. 1) There we go- this is something I can work with to nag people about. I agree, it should be much easier and quicker than it currently is considering the playerbase. I don't believe that just any and every idea should be put into fruition. I believe it does need certain guidelines and requirements to show the "effort"- I had to do it with MKO Logistics, and I applied for that company when our peak was the lowest it has been. I will poke at people with more clout to poke at big dogs about this one. Thank you. 2) This is in the works right now. Mirror Park will be the "hub". Mapping team is working on interiors and others are attempting to get businesses to go up around there. Additionally, there is the Davis Mall that is completely furnished, though I am not sure if it is open to the public yet. If not, I'm sure soon. (@Natasha Valentine) To answer the question, opportunity. Not limited by a completely screwed up economy. A favorable staff team. (Adult characters only). Company Ownership Opportunities. The list goes on, essentially tying into "opportunity" in general. PD academy is not three months. @CChef how long was Grace in PD Academy for? I can't speak on my character due to my commitment issues between real life, mapping, my company, etc. but it is not three months. You can knock it out in three weeks. I applied for my company and got approved within two weeks, not two months. I had a rental house day one of playing on my main character. And before you think "ah, a favorite then"- I joined less than three months ago (10/27) and was never apart of SAMP. So no, favoritism is not a factor. Have a good, detailed application with a clear business goal in mind is the factor. All in all, I don't think people realize just how approachable staff is, from JR Tester to Dos Santos himself, I've DMed them all, and received a constructive response from all. My biggest advice to anyone making suggestions: Make the suggestion, give it a few days to obtain comments/potential review, if not bump it, then @ someone on the forums and force them to provide feedback. You also have to understand that staff sees much more forum sections than we do- the latest suggestion might not even show up on their activity feed.
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