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  1. word of advice: don't jump his security manager in his club he will mow your block down with AKs.
  2. I think so, I don't really play ranked but I think they do which is kinda bs in my opinion. Forces you to grind up again.
  3. I'm unranked, but I had a plat 2 in my aram game one time, bought zero items and fed the entire game. Never said a word in chat. Checked his match history he had 15+ games in a row where he did it, so it was clear he bought the account, or was just trying to get banned. I usually just mute everyone.
  4. Interesting. I'd love to see the finished product.
  5. Yes. My graphics card died, where do I get another one for cheap?
  6. Damn son, Swank told your ass fam. Time to quit playing league.
  7. Soviet Russia. How do I become an admin?
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