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  2. All recruitment as you can imagine will be done In Character and you will be expected to not break any rules, be respectful and dedicated to the faction and your character in it. We understand that not everybody is an expert on gang roleplay and specifically Sureño roleplay but we are an open path for you to learn. We expect you to accept constructive criticism if it's being given to you and for you to engrave your own development path in the faction. The aim of our faction is to create a realistic sureño environment in El Burro. We don't want this to lean towards being a generic faction so we will have our own personal twist. If you've found the thread interesting and want to participate and join us on this journey then we expect you to know that you will have to develop a character and focus on bringing out the realism aspect in the environment. Any information regarding sending CK permission, the faction rules, backstory & more can be found inside the Discord channel which you can join by clicking here. If you got any questions or complaints about the faction or its members, don't hesitate to send a forum PM to Draxxler, Java, Zaw or Nature. Click here to join the Discord, we don't give just anybody roles on the Discord, so you'll need to be actively roleplaying with members of the faction until we decide if you're a suitable member or not.
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