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    Y'all got this on lock.
  2. s/o the boys and @Draxxler for the concept and the thread, let's get it! MFFM.
  3. Bernie Sanders just casually chilling on the far left.
  4. WC-RP, then moved to LS-RP.
  5. That's some dope shit, bro. The Los Flores projects and Pig Pen are the best imo.
  6. Gratz boys! and welcome back!
  7. Mine used to be Fireball, until it made me sick one and gave me the worst hangover I think I've ever had.
  8. word of advice: don't jump his security manager in his club he will mow your block down with AKs.
  9. I think so, I don't really play ranked but I think they do which is kinda bs in my opinion. Forces you to grind up again.
  10. I'm unranked, but I had a plat 2 in my aram game one time, bought zero items and fed the entire game. Never said a word in chat. Checked his match history he had 15+ games in a row where he did it, so it was clear he bought the account, or was just trying to get banned. I usually just mute everyone.
  11. Interesting. I'd love to see the finished product.
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