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  1. Este


    Who gave this Liverpool fan his admin back...
  2. Years of great memories. Being apart of LSRP from the start through to watching it evolve was always a great experience.
  3. Este


    Future Premier League champions
  4. Anyone playing it since release? I'm enjoying it, currently playing through a Nurgle campaign which I' finding difficult in ways of recruitment. But in a good way, early impressions that it's great. Map could be abit bigger but I guess we'll get that with Mortal Empires when release comes in a month or two.
  5. Este


    Hi, I'm Este. Been on LSRP since 2007. That's about it. Uh, say hi?
  6. The battle goes well, bloody and glorious. You swinging by?
  7. Probably's get into biker RP as per usual, something motorcycle club related.
  8. The days of the restricted skins lol. When gangs would have no gang skins cause they were all taken.
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