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  1. Congratulations to everybody that has been apart of this journey for the past (almost) 10 months and has contributed to our faction in one way or another. It's been one hell of a ride and we aren't done yet. Special thanks to @trickster @kosowarner @esk00 @Daidough @1x1 @LethalBruh and @ThePolterguise for contributing in their own way and making this faction what it is today.
  2. Hello all, As many of you have already been aware, the staff team has being going through a major restructure recently and in light of that @Helius, @Spanion and I have been appointed as Illegal Faction Team Council. We understand that there was a massive lack of communication across the board from within the team and we do apologise to everyone, we will be trying our absoulte best to get illegal factions to the state we're aiming for. It's important to note that your guys' feedback means a lot to us, and we're all ears. We're working as much as we can in the background, predominantly focusing on the current schemes that are in place as well as the illegal factions rules of engagement. Schemes We understand that our past schemes fell short of the rapid-changing environment of the community and we acknowledge the frustration caused by delays and the lack of responsiveness. Moving forward, the Illegal Factions Council is committed to make significant improvements in this direction in order to streamline the process of players and factions alike obtaining schemes or having their request met in a timely manner. Furthermore, we are working hard on creating open communication channels that will help us prioritize player feedback, because your ideas and concerns are crucial in shaping the direction in which illegal roleplay is heading. We really want to focus on bringing in new illegal factions, and to help that we will be creating a faction starter package which has various different perks, depending on what type of faction that it is. More on this will be released shortly. As for the current status of the schemes, please note that everybody was kicked out of the schemes they were holding in the present. This was done in order for us to be able to review how the schemes work and improve what we can improve. Applications for schemes will be re-open shortly to allow for everybody to have a chance. Rules of Engagement What's in the works? As previously mentioned, we are currently reviewing the way schemes work and how they are granted to players/factions. Along with that, it has been brought to our attention that the Rules of Engagement as they are at the moment are not up-to standard with the current state of illegal roleplay and they are in need of a refresh. We will be reaching out individually to faction leaders & players alike in regards to what they would like to see changed or added to the ROEs in order to bring it up to speed Illegal Faction Team Public We have removed everyone from the public faction team as it didn't seem like there was much purpose in having it, but we're changing that at the moment. We're opening recruitment again and are welcome new faces and ideas. As part of the team you are expected to give a valid and unbiased input/judgment on every matter regardless of association. Always put yourself as a neutral party, not a faction member, not a faction leader. If you feel like you are unable to do so, please refrain from participating in the discussion. If you are involved in the conflict in-game do not present and handle faction matters yourself as a faction team members unless there are prior instruction from the faction team (ceasefire, etc). We don't have a specific application so if you're interested please forum message the Illegal Faction Team Council.
  3. friendship ended with the irish the racists are my new friends. gl with it helius
  4. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION: The Hell Runners Motorcycle Club is a faction created with the intent to portray a modern 1% motorcycle club in the fictional state of San Andreas. Our aim is to enrich the biker culture on this community by portraying authentic characters that are members of an outlaw motorcycle club in today's society, without any of the stereotypes that people expect from this type of roleplay. We are more than happy to provide any player that wants to join with guidance towards outlaw bikers roleplay. Your best bet to interact with us is to show up at one of our businesses openings and show interest in the club. We reserve the right to exclude members based on roleplay quality as we aim to upkeep a high standard in this regard. We are mostly active between 5 PM and 2 AM (/servertime). If you have any questions or concerns, join our Discord or direct them to @danut or @trickster. Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/g8b2fMAf3B
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