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  1. luca

    We're done.

    my goes crazy
  2. It's going to be so funny watching this thread! Enjoy!
  3. Chief Kennith, Captain Hackett and the Training Bureau's Staffing Unit Supervisors.
  4. luca


    will be missed!
  5. From left to right: Connor Hackett, Elena Weathers and Edward Kennith back in June 2007 @[email protected]
  6. everybody know that tb is the heart of the faction
  7. I recently bought AoE II DE. I like it but I'm not that good at it. Is someone willing to play? We can create a group so we can play from time to time.
  8. LSSD has a Parole Bureau in their Custody Division.
  9. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department takes responsibility for Custody matters, but only for parole at this very moment. Also, I'm not sure if you can recall this faction a Peace Officer Agency. You'll need this to be granted by the Faction Team which I do believe that is not going to agree with this because we already have two POA's. Sometimes, we shouldn't forget that this is a game and yes, the whole point of it is to portray the real-life, but not to copy it. And also, if you're implementing so many things, people aren't going to have fun anymore. It'll be just about which protocol do you use in X situation.
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