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  1. The LSSD will begin hiring on the 24th of February, know more about our hiring process here!
  2. Nah it won't be the same as SAMP at all, well some infos may remain the same of course, but in general, things will change with a new hiring process, new classes, new infos and more traditions, It's more than just an "academy". I'll break the spoil track here and let the members explore these new stuff by themselves.
  3. Fresh start, an opportunity to roleplay most of the things that I wanted to do, more places to play around as the game itself can offer lots of opportunities to enjoy your immersion and also the roleplay you can create, not to mention that I won't have to deal with the restrictions we had on SAMP or fishing for specific mods that can go with your scenarios "Anims, weapons an so on."
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