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  1. Keep going boys. I really enjoy it.
  2. Hey everyone! Ain't gonna introduce myself properly yet as I am new to this community (and I wanna do it by roleplaying, not texting on the forum). As a start, I am an old RPer (RPing since 2014), and I write this because I was asked for my opinion. I will start on saying that I will not go back in my history, resuming old situations from my past, just like these, where CRITICAL problems couldn't be solved (opened myself a few topics just like this a few times), and the servers ended up in closing/or with 10 players playing. The discussion's not about this, I know, just wanted to make my position straight from the start, so that you know that I am familiar with this situations. I will say this: if your character finds himself/herself in a sensible spot, and you choose to do something EXTREME, there should be CONSQUENCES and that's it. From here it separates into two: OOC CONSQUENCES and IC CONSEQUENCES. As for example, in no way somebody will pull out a gun when he is aimed at already, or choose to shoot if he/she is outnumbered or knows that will be outnumbered soon. If you don't know ICly with who you deal with, you never choose extreme situations, because it's not realistic and roleplay at all (everybody gets scared by something I can assure you), and especially not without detailed character development. If you do know that you are not under threat and you have an advantage (automatic gun, pistol at you, and let's say you only deal with a group of drunk guys, unafilliated, just messing with you) then it's just not an extreme situation, to be honest. It's about focusing on what your character knows, in that point, and what not. A solution that I thought of, from what my brain can right now, is creating a detailed rule (can't think about a name right now), detailing what risks there could be ICly and OOCly if somebody chooses an extreme action. Besides that, massive DM (here reffering to killing all day for being bored, constant need for fun or just to avoid certain scenarios, unable to create fun RP and etc.) starts from only one, let's say, position players find themselves into: there are too many guns and too little as-fun-as-DM roleplay. I think that, in general, this has roots in the general idea that constant shootouts are much more fun that character development and roleplay. Which is not ok from my opinion and is very, very hard to change in everybody. Guns should mean, in the first place, protection and safety, and after that a source of income. It's not realistic to think about guns as just weapons. The rest of this subject I thought it's not worth repeating because you talked about it already. Won't help. I hope that what I wrote will help, because I am a new guy and I can only talk from what I can see, for now. I am not a direct "victim" of the problems mentioned here, just talking from my experience and what I understood the problems are. But in the future I wish I won't encounter these problems, and this is my personal reason why I wrote this. Peace to y'all. (P.S. I hope I was on point)
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