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  1. whoa gang shit
  2. Its hilarious to see people bitch and moan on discord about people not loggin in > while not loggin in themselves also yeah, agree with what u said deceive. Gotta lure people in with 'reasons' aka events, when in reality, if those people will log in (without giving a reason) then a reason to be ig will appear. But now, with the current situation, unfortunatily thats the way to get people ig cuz now even if i get ig and want to get a reason to stay - i dont have it cuz i dont have anyone to communicate with, even after driving for 10 minutes all around AND thru Mirror Park [which should be the RP hub afaik no?]
  3. Congrats Stink! Welcome to HELL
  4. Whoaaaaa!! Welcome back guyysssss hope we see some crraaaaaaaaaaaazy shit from you all !! Great expectations! :)
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