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  1. Duckling

    ATM Preview

    literally nutted my pants
  3. What da duck doin? It do be kinda flippin doe
  4. omgg daddy, I thought you were gone (better so, please leave my vicinity and dont talk to me or my kids ever again or I will be pressing charges)
  5. Lots and lots of e-sex. The true way of character development.
  6. I am pretty sure that you would be able to hear and most definitely see the helicopters on GTA V. SAMP had it's issues with helicopters and their render distance and sound which shouldn't be a problem no more. The camera locking was removed and strictly fordidden. A mod for our Air units has been made by a community member where the lock-on future got removed and we were only able to use zoom and filters (e.g. Night Vision) which were enough for SAMP. However GTA V has different flying/camera movement and mechanics and I would love to see a lock-on feature for easier tracking. Or find a workaround way of fixing the SAMP issue where the camera followed in tunnels, etc.
  7. The real life LASD/LAPD always have helicopters out, whether it's a shoplifting or an armed vehicle pursuit. A threat is still a threat, we don't want to give out chances for shoplifters to pull out a handgun, take down an officer and run off.
  8. There are whispers that can be set up on Teamspeak that allow a person to talk to a specific group of people. PD/SD have both set up whispers, but are separated and can only talk to their own members. Those whispers are IC, and an officer is not allowed to talk while being badly wounded in game to prevent power gaming. I am sure that the officer you shot had time to click his whisper button and call shots fired at his location. And with my experience, the most shots fired scenes on SAMP happened in the busiest areas of the server, e.g. Idlewood, Ganton. Usually in those areas there are multiple patrol units driving around at the same time, hence why there was one right around the corner.
  9. Duckling


    I just hit lvl 94, wanna play some time? Hit me up on discord if you want to drop some duos
  10. I am pretty sure that an exact date was never promised. I might be wrong though. The one thing I knew before the server was delayed to February, was that the old forums would have been archived after the server launch. I'd say the plan is the same and it's currently not the priority.
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