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  1. ChandanW

    June Update

    Good read, welcome back and congratulations to the promoted staff.
  2. Great read once again, Dos Santos. Congratulations to all staff promoted and reinstated.
  3. ChandanW

    Major Update 1.7

    Huge update! Great work team 👍
  4. Always a pleasure to RP with you all.
  5. Good read, looking forward to what's coming!
  6. ChandanW

    Major Update 1.5

    W update, nice features added! Look forward to more
  7. All of the previously announced updates are coming, they are just a little delayed from the issues we've had with them but I can assure you they are all very close to getting released and new features are all beginning to work properly within the script
  8. The problem is the amount of updates they are in the process of making and then the time we begin to test the new features, report back with bugs and try again after they fix each of the bugs we find. There are a lot of new updates coming soon and a lot of the bugs have been fixed and just polishing up some of the new features
  9. When the updates get made they go under testing for a bit to find bugs, once we find the bugs the developers need to then go and fix the bugs then we re-test. Sometimes someone might find more bugs with that new update so they will require more fixing after fixing the first log of bugs that was found by us. It's a long process on us and the developers but updates are getting close to getting released.
  10. Looks and sounds great. Looking forward to testing the new features!
  11. The link is: https://forum.ls-rp.com/
  12. Hey Dat_Block, slayers forever forever slayers
  13. congratulations all 🙂 even though my name was spelt wrong 😞
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