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  1. Fun fact: Flamingos aren’t naturally pink. They’re born a sort of grayish color. It’s their diet of brine shrimp and algae that turns them pink.
  2. Glad to have you onboard, welcome!
  3. sneakybae

    Aro's Drawings

    Your art is really clear and it pops, keep it up!
  4. Can you clarify what won't be a thing? Going to add it to the OP so anyone else who's also looking for this answer will have it said there.
  5. Newer players like me are just gonna have to deal with and get used to it, seems like the majority are in favor of the underscore. Anyway, I have updated the OP to include a poll. Please cast your vote there too, just interesting to see what the players of LSRP want. Multiple choice option enabled as well.
  6. I read through their wiki and saw this: Aren't you already able to do that? If not, then I agree with you. Would bring more customization to the table.
  7. Thank you for the insight, really answered everything I wanted to know and even more. I understand there's a priority, the staff working hard for the launch etc. Working on a way to toggle this might be too complicated, but if possible I'd love to see it or maybe have the format completely changed in the end. I can see the old format being nostalgic for all the veterans. However, moving forward should bring changes and as you mentioned now, there's proximity in the mix.
  8. If they are able to script that, I see why not as long it isn't too taxing on the server. Just adds more realism. I also agree with what RamiTR said. So a +1 from me.
  9. Shit, now I want to make it deep. Can we spark a discussion about this and the possibility to have players the ability to toggle in between the two?
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