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  1. That is just the communities birthday, closing due to heavy potential of misleading rumours. If anything, regarding the release will be announced, it will be done as a seperate announcement both here on the forums and discord #announcements.
  2. So white that Heisenberg’s meth lost its colour.
  3. Santino Valenti sleeps with fish
  4. The new stash system was designed to bring some realism to stashing, it's a good riddance of stashcars that could hold 20 guns and get dispawned out in the abyss.
  5. It's an IC issue. Everyone can literally buy pokerstars chipset online or some random poker set in a local store. The real poker games among the criminal roleplayers happened quite often, it was a mix of almost every mob sending their men to play in set places. As far as civilians wanted to play, they did their own thing, the factions ran their own joints. I see the point, making the games ran by facs so the average joe could get in debt and all, but having script restrictions is a bad way to go.
  6. That is a weird choice of an avatar you got there. hello again
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