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  1. Dey call it Accidental Smoke
  2. The UCP isn't allowing me to connect my discord to the UCP so I can get my Early Supporter role, is there a fix?
  3. My Twinn forreal, Troublesome dat shit
  4. Shiesty

    July Update

    bro? you said the release date was announced today.. not more information about the server.
  5. Shiesty

    March Release Update

    alright yeah this isn't the wave
  6. Alright, I'ma step in here. I don't even know you (karen voice) wheres your membership?
  7. This thread will follow the lifestyle of various females of the Grape Street Crips hood; The Female Grapes of the Jordan Downs hood, play an important factor on other females coming to the area. The current members used to be ran by twenty-six year old Natasha "First Lady Wicked" Holmes, who died in a car-crash with her son. Due to that death, people made sure they've still supported her to the fullest with outfits supporting the "Lady Wicked" name.
  8. Monyae Scott a/k/a Badnews #2 is a member of the Grape Street Crips, his brother Jamari Ingram a/k/a Beezy Banks was killed by East Coast Crips in the modern day of the war between the two street gangs, he has pushed the Grape Street Crips name and can be found around the Rancho Projects hanging with other Grape Street Crips and sometimes Nueve Flats members. Monyae Scott grew up around the Jordan Downs just being himself and attended school with various Grape Street Crips members. You can consider Monyae is one of those dudes who play the background and watches your back most of the time. He currently attends Innocence High School. Nakkita Willerton a/k/a Lady Nfant NoGood is a Lady Loc of the Grape Street Crips set currently in a relationship with Monyae Scott, it's known that she stole him from Lady Badnews another female from the Grape Street Crips hood, who Monyae has a child with they were sneaking around originally until Lady Badnews caught them together and figured out their relationship, and after catching them it made Monyae and Nakkita closer because they didn't have to hide it. Below will be a quick showcase of the scenario on how Lady Badnews caught the couple.
  9. i will guide my sons to victory
  10. OOC Information: Jordan Downs is a high-quality, deep creative group based off of the Grape Street Watts Crips in South Central, Los Angeles. Originally the Grape Street Watts Crips were called Varrio Watts Grapes, showing how much they favorited the Hispanics in their area until the Cripping came to the Watts. The Grape Street Watts Crips are the biggest Crip gang in the Watts area with their projects also being called Jordan Down Projects. When joining this specific faction maintaining a good portrayal of your character with screens to back up the development will be in your favor as you grow as a member from one of the sides (Grape Street Crips or Varrio Grape 13). These two sets do come together a lot and share the same enemies and they'll also jump into wars to help each other. Character Portrayal: Make your character have some realistic traits, your character shouldn't be 6'5 at fourteen, be different from everyone else. Be unique so everyone doesn't look the same, ages for a local should be from 12-16 years of age, the youngest you go most of the time gives you the best role-play to do as a person around the Projects. There is a mod-pack being worked on for people in the Jordan Downs area. When joining the discord place down the information for your character in the "Resident-Information" channel which will also consist of your character-kill permission, which hopefully won't be used internally but to better the role-play. Don't give up on portrayal early stay consistent. Leadership: Hello I'm, Shiesty, I've been planning this Grape Street concept for LS: RP since around early this year with about 15 other people wanting to assist with it. I have run other groups on different servers. My main focus as a Faction Leader is to bring the fun aspect out of the Illegal Community instead of the same thing day-to-day, I'm not for the shooting over and over, I enjoy the deep development of characters and flaws that a character may have overall to make them a good storyline. Not all concepts can be on for so long, not all last but this I can ensure I'll be going for a long time until whatever stops me from developing this exact group. If you have any questions about this specific group, you either join the discord to get mine or add/message me on discord Murdah#0003 I'll be sure to respond back immediately. Discord Invite: Welcome To The Jordan Downs: Jordan Down Projects
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