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  1. Aro

    We're done.

    the arrogance of blaming everything on a development process that no one else can possibly understand truly astounds
  2. Aro

    We're done.

    idc how long it takes saying youre ready to launch a year before actually doing so (assuming that launch is actually close lol) just shows a massive disconnect, and the subsequent lack of communication is inexcusable to a lot of people
  3. Aro

    We're done.

    we're done (not done)
  4. Aro


    does that fucking matter? he could release the cunt tomorrow and wouldnt excuse this shit lmao
  5. Aro


    remember when this shit was gonna come in february
  6. Aro


    6 mnths on patreon, 3 months on forum announcements, delete only active thread democratic peoples republic of los santos unna
  7. May have been asked already, however: Will there be representation for LS County? I understand the legislature will be based on LA City Council, however would the product IG be rather an amalgamation and incorporate representation for areas not covered by the city?
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    Aro's Drawings

    Something different + a WIP
  9. Take advantage of countriside; farming, hunting & fishing.
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