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  1. Name: Zhao Matter Therapy Motto: "Nothing is impossible if you fight for it." Legal Status: Legal Psychiatry Office Location: Little Seoul Lore: Zhao Matter Therapy will be an office where he rent a place to give people therapy session in order to help combat mental illness ranging from depression to any other he only wishes well to help other's being and to help as best as he can. Symbol:
  2. due to personal reasons, I will be holding this and resume with it later as my character doesn't have enough connection and experience
  3. (Bad joke here) stop stealing nature or else u will be fired!
  4. My favorite would be Need For Speed: Underground 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, And Need For Speed: Carbon
  5. JFC? Its serious to see if anyone wanna do this kind of RP because someone might want to if they wish it
  6. family members: Dad: Vacant Mom: Vacant Younger Brother: Vacant Information: The family from mom's side is Afro-Belgian from the Democratic Republic Of Congo dad's family is half African American half South African with roots to the Zulu Requirements: -At LEAST 3 RP samples of ANY kind to prove competence -300 words minimum -Be active Form Of Contacting me: message me here including the RP sample as well as position
  7. Lincoln "Adrien" Bauchau was born on September 1st, 2006 to Luc Bauchau, and Nathalie Dubois in CHU Saint-Pierre Hospital, Brussels, Belgium. Born to a Protestant African Belgian mother with origins from Congo and African American mixed with South African father whose family escaped apartheid in South Africa. And so, He'd learn Belgian French, Metropolitan French, German, Dutch, Zulu, and English. As a kid, He would be very bright and active, showing interest in all kinds of activities. When he was 2 he learned he was going to have a baby brother. During this time, He would visit his grandparents in the city of Cape Town in South Africa. At age of 8, He and his family went to the holocaust museum in Paris where he saw the comic Spirou. A year later went to many other holocaust sights including Anne Frank's house Auschwitz and Birkenau and other holocaust museums . At age 13 he asked to learn Taekwondo and so, He signed up and learned for a year. When he turned 14, He would work in his uncle's hotel in Brussels for 2 years meeting many people. However, before the 11th grade of middle school, he moved to America to Los Santos with his family due to his dad having a job offer there. At first, Lincoln wasn't really happy as he was VERY used to his Belgian life style however it soon became clear that he has aspiration for higher education to study to become a veterinarian though he was more open minded with learning from americans though his knowledge of the America wasn't that great though he WAS going to high school as an exchange student.
  8. Disclaimer What is written here is information gathered from my OWN knowledge which I have. There might be errors that I will correct to the best of my abilities. The subject is split into a few categories: Israeli Jews: This subject is split into 2: Jewish people who live in the west bank and Jewish people who live everywhere else. Those who live on both sides may have family who suffered through the holocaust(shoah)if they have family who a holocaust survivor gains access to Pension from the government though some of them live in poverty in HARSH condition. In term of laws men women and those of the LGBTQ community enjoy freedom and equality to ALL levels excluding payment which is STILL an issue IRL Those who live on the west bank are usually supporters of the parties such as Likud and many more and are religious. In return, They don’t have to do military service if they are in Talmudic college though if they are, They are allowed to serve in branches that are more open to religious people. Those who live in other areas, not on the west bank, Such as Tel-Aviv Haifa, Be’er Sheva, and so on, usually are religious though there are people who aren’t religious. Usually, they are either right winged, Center winged, or left-wing such as the labor party or other social Democracy/Democratic Socialism parties. For men, It is 3 years of service while women have to serve only 2 though it can change if they serve in special units of K-9 or other special forces. Within these groups, Are Ethiopian Jews who also are a part of the community, Left in the 1970s from Ethiopia to Sudan they were rescued in operation Moses. Those who have either physical or mental disabilities are given an exemption from military service though they can fight it in court. Also in the communities are European Jews who left Europe after World War 2 and Jewish communities from other nations too such as South Africa, Canada, Australia, China, the USA, France, India, the UK, Russia, and so on. The most spoken language is Hebrew however they can speak other languages from where they are from. Those whose families left for Israel in the 1920s would have ties to either Haganah, Irgun, or Stern Gang Though united during the war against the Arabs. The Jewish community comprises the following: Hiloni (None religious): 33.1% Masorti (Tradionalist): 24.3% Dati (Religious): 8.8% Haredi (Orthodox Judaism): 7.3% Those who would live in the north near the sea of Galilee would be bombed usually by Hezbollah though it happens from time to time. Those who live near the Gaza Strip would be bombed usually by Hamas OR the Palestinian Islamic Jihad all of which are on the list of terrorist organizations. Those who serve in the IDF would go through a booklet which is called the spirit of Israel teaching them how to behave as human beings and childhood would be filled with holidays and memorials and important days Israeli Christians: Though a smaller comprising of 1.9% their lives are decent. Due to the laws of Israel, they don’t HAVE to serve in the IDF and can be given an exemption but those who serve are usually placed in special operations units OR in regular units depending on each case as its own. Usually consist of the following: Roman, Armenian Catholic, Maronite, Greek Catholic, Syriac Catholic, Chaldean, Greek Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic, Anglican churches, and the Baháʼí Faith. Just like Jewish people they live in normal houses though some can live in tents or be living outside Arab Israeli: Those who are Arab Israelis are usually Arabs who during the Arab-Israeli war didn’t leave the villages and complied with Israel. Those who do usually live in prosperity and are Muslims OR Christians depending on each case to its own. Those who are Muslims compromise 18.1%. Just like Christians, They do not have to do military service and do get exemptions though they can do serve. Due to the laws, They and Christians enjoy the freedom of speech unless involved in a terrorist attack in which those rights are taken. They also speak Arabic and MOST of them are Sunni though there are Shiites in Israel. Just like Jewish people they live in normal houses though some can live in tents or be living outside. Arab who left Syria are also present in Israel people who are against Hamas or former members usually aid Mossad with information Druze Israeli: Those who are born Druze with Israeli citizenship are around 1.6% of the total population they are mostly left alone as it is to not bother them. However, Unlike Muslims and Christians, they have mandatory military service similar to Israelis of Jewish origin 3 years for men and 2 years for women. They speak the Arabic language. Disabled People: If a person is disabled either physically or mentally of over 40% the National Insurance Institute would give u pension and ability to register for actives such as for protected environment work, a meeting with a tutor, Fun activities where u only pay smaller fee and so forth.
  9. Party's Official Discord: https://discord.gg/7C5gCAydsC
  10. I mean its just him doing his service to his nation
  11. Name: The Freedom Party Of San Andreas Motto: "For The People And For Liberty, we stand." Legal Status: Legal Political Party Ideology: Liberalism, National Liberalism, Republicanism, Democratic Values, Three Principles of the People, Anti-Communism Political Stance: Center-Right Anthem: The Song To The Auspicious Cloud Constitution Of The Party: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CUiHD46AjZDbf9lEary53Ph2iBX-MhP-Lwe-Alj3yLQ/edit?usp=sharing Lore: The freedom party of San Andreas is a political party aiming to the betterment of ALL people of San Andreas regardless of skin, Race, nationality, Sexual preference, OR religion. It is dedicated to freedom and democracy while also ensuring that living condition become better to all citizens Flag: Red represent Americans Yellow represent Asians of all kind from Chinese to Japanese to Koreans Blue represent pacific islanders or others such as Australian with American citizenship or people from Marshall Islands White represent Europeans who have American citizenship Black represent African Americans who suffered in the past and still do to some degree
  12. Lucas “Thomas” Anderson was born to Henry Anderson and Michelle Johnson in St Andrew's Toowoomba Hospital, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia in 6th of june 1996. His father being a soldier in the Australian Army and his mom being a teacher from america who fell in love with his father and married staying in australia. Every time his father was around he trained him using SR98. When he turned 8 he found out he will have a younger brother and so was born Oliver. After that, He would learn Judo and Karate to be able to defend himself against Anti-Semitism as Australian Jew he have had enough and chose to fight back. At age 16, He would go to Israel with students from his school to IDF training simulation that last for a week. When he turned 18 after graduation from school he enrolled in the Military Of Australia joining the Australian Army and end up in the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in the 1st Brigade. During which he made friends by joining the International military intervention against the Islamic State in 2016 and joining the fight AGAINST ISIS. He was shot during an engagement with ISIS agents with some people in his unit dying. Once his service time was over in 2021, He drove in Queensland in the countryside and then chose to fly to Israel to become a citizen going to study Hebrew he fell in love with a woman there named Naomi who he married a year later with his firstborn son named Noah and after hearing about San Andreas from his mom he chose to leave Israel behind and go there to see it for himself.
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