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    Thank you! Someone reads 'em GTA V's is better. Why thank ya! Still there, no plans on leaving! Hi! Listen. I like the history of it all! LMAO Hi! Thank you! Sup Tomas?
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    Really, really, really depends. If a friend is running better gear, I try to match him. Try being the key word @kendrick.
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    So kind! I have indeed! But I lost the guy who was helping me with that... Henlo! Indeed, long time no see. How's it going? Thank you! Good to know a lot of people read through that sea of text lol, much appreciated! Hmm, good point. I need to see about updating it! Hi!
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    Could've been worse! But I fixed it! Hiya! Hi! Your pledge has been noted. No idea, sorry! You know I do it so you always look fresh Done, this will be at the very least, 700 dollars. Caleb to the 410! Henlo. Same old, same old. What's up rls? Thank you! There's going to be plenty of screenshots involving SWAT once we launch, so look forward to that!
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    Basically. Uuuuuuh. Be like... Most definitely, yes. Hiiii! matt! Hello erutaN.
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    Hello everyone, my name is DadoJ. I enjoy all things cars and law enforcement, so it's no surprise that my favorite video games revolve around both of those topics. I am particularly fond of the Los Angeles Police Department, and have spent the majority of my life researching it, and familiarizing myself on everything they have that is publicly available. When not playing on LS-RP, I very much enjoy playing both LCPDFR and LSPDFR. The GTA series has always been one of my favorites, especially with all of the modifications that are available to download. I have always adored the customizable approach that PC gaming offers. I find it much easier to immerse yourself in the game that you're playing, when the models mimic their real-life counterparts. I am currently engaged to, and in a long distance relationship with the love of my life. (Who I refer to as "Lady Dado"). We've known each other for several years, and I couldn't imagine life without her. She and I have always connected through roleplay servers, and LS-RP is no exception. While we work through the tedious details of conquering the long distance aspect, we find plenty of ways to enjoy our time together. We try our very best to include one another in everything we do, as life is more enjoyable with someone special by your side! I have been a part of the LS-RP server since 2017, and it is by far the best server I've experienced in my ten plus years of roleplaying. This place has given me the ability to meet people from all over the world, and every walk of life. It is a very diverse server, and I believe the text-based approach offers a lot more freedom to its users in terms of character development. The text-based style is very inclusive, and allows you to fully immerse yourself into the world of your character, and spend a day in their shoes. LS-RP is a one of a kind place, and it is very easy to get caught up in your character's experiences. I enjoy being able to enter this virtual world, and live out a life I might not otherwise get the chance to. I am currently a Senior Lead Administrator, and have been part of the LS-RP Staff Team since May of 2018. It is definitely a unique experience to be part of the staff team, but I've enjoyed every minute of it. I have always enjoyed helping others, and often find myself putting their needs above my own, so that is what lead me to join in the first place. I strive to be that helpful hand for the members of the server, so that I can pass on the help that I received when I was a new and inexperienced player. The Staff Team has not only given me a chance to help others, but it is allowing me to grow and improve upon my own roleplay in the process. At its core, the Staff Team is like a second family, and we're all doing our very best to support and encourage one another. I am also the current Head of Admins, which means I oversee every Admin within the LS-RP Staff Team. Below you will find my journey through the Staff positions. May 17th, 2018 — Tester August 5th, 2018 — Forum Moderator October 10th, 2018 — Senior Forum Moderator December 01st, 2018 — Tester-Administrator December 23rd, 2018 — Junior Game Administrator February 28th, 2019 — Game Administrator September 1st, 2019 — Senior Game Administrator January 2nd, 2020 — Head of Testers February 3rd, 2020 — Lead Administrator September 1st, 2020 — Senior Lead Administrator, Head of Admins This section is to showcase my personal favorite faction within LS-RP; The Los Santos Police Department. I have been in this faction since February of 2018, and have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. In all my years of roleplaying, this faction has portrayed its real-life counterpart more accurately than any other community or server that I've previously been a part of. Police roleplay is a very unique experience, in my opinion, as it allows you to see all sides of the server. As a police officer you get to interact with the other legal factions, as well as civilian and criminal roleplayers, so there really is no shortage of roleplay opportunities. I will always be thankful for this server, in the sense that it gives me the ability to step into the shoes of a law enforcement officer. I am currently a Police Deputy Chief, and am the Commanding Officer of the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau. As the Commanding Officer I oversees the Metropolitan Division, which houses the division's D Platoon, also known as SWAT, alongside of the A Platoon, the division's Tactical Response Team, and the Air Support Division. My priority is to make sure that everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It had always been a goal of mine to receive Commanding Officer of Administrative Services Bureau, and I am very thankful for having achieved exactly that when I became the Deputy Chief back in June of 2019. Alongside of that I also served as the department's 19th Chief of Police. After serving for a time, I stepped down to lead Administrative Services Bureau again, but only after making sure there would be a suitable person to take the position of the Chief of Police. Now I lead CTSOB! I am also a part of the Metropolitan Division's D Platoon, more commonly referred to as 'SWAT'. I am a Squad Leader for D Platoon and the Officer-in-Charge of the EMT Cadre within the Metropolitan Division's D Team, which means I help oversee SWAT sits, coordinate our course of action with the other team leaders and ensure any wounded person is treated. I can say that every single division in the faction offers a unique and enjoyable experience. I appreciate each and every single member of the faction, and can honestly say that I am proud of them. With that being said, it is a one of a kind experience, and I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in law enforcement, to give it a shot. You can find more information on the faction and its requirements by visiting the official LSPD website: POLICE.LSGOV.US Below I'll list my Promotions and Upgrades. These will be updated over time. February 18th, 2018, Police Officer I — (Academy Class #1-18) April 24th, 2018, Police Officer II — (Upgrade) June 22nd, 2018, Police Officer III — (Upgrade) September 6th, 2018, Police Officer III+1 SLO — (Upgrade) October 16th, 2018, Police Sergeant I — (Promotion) November 27th, 2018, Police Sergeant II — (Upgrade) January 29th, 2019, Police Lieutenant II — (Promotion) February 20th, 2019, Police Captain II — (Promotion) May 5th, 2019, Police Commander — (Promotion) June 4th, 2019, Police Deputy Chief — (Promotion) February 1st, 2020, Police Assistant Chief — (Promotion) August 8th, 2020, Chief of Police — (Promotion) September 1st, 2020, Police Deputy Chief — (Reassignment)
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