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  1. Good stuff! Shoutout to everyone who was involved in making this update possible!!
  2. Congratulations peeps. Looking good!
  3. DadoJ


    The one and only!!! Looking badass!!
  4. DadoJ


    Shall be done, you have my word! Why thank you!
  5. DadoJ


    Thank you! Someone reads 'em GTA V's is better. Why thank ya! Still there, no plans on leaving! Hi! Listen. I like the history of it all! LMAO Hi! Thank you! Sup Tomas?
  6. DadoJ


    Really, really, really depends. If a friend is running better gear, I try to match him. Try being the key word @kendrick.
  7. DadoJ


    So kind! I have indeed! But I lost the guy who was helping me with that... Henlo! Indeed, long time no see. How's it going? Thank you! Good to know a lot of people read through that sea of text lol, much appreciated! Hmm, good point. I need to see about updating it! Hi!
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