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  1. Baker


    I don't remember you sorry!! Hii
  2. Baker


    Hello Yo! Hey! Dunno what you're talking about Hey hey!
  3. they disabled them now lmao
  4. LMAOO i aint bought it yet battlefield is where its at rn
  5. Baker


    Hey! Hahaha I was unlucky. You're trashkid don't make me carry again. Hahaha fancy seeing you here Fuck that was so long ago ahahaha. ay bro long time no see you're awful Hey bro
  6. This will definitely be a healthy addition to the illegal and legal scenes. When it comes to developing these features I'm sure the Faction Team will be included so we can ensure there's a fair balance and a healthy script to enhance the roleplay surrounding detective RP. Definitely agree with this. As a high ranking member of the PD I don't have an issue with people roleplaying corruption. It's only an issue in my eyes when it gets to the point it's unrealistic (e.g a cop committing a murder), as far as corruption roleplay goes though - you'll never be kicked from the faction OOC so long as the corruption roleplay is realistic. If you do get caught we'll always let you name change and carry on with a new character. I currently oversee the Detective Bureau within the PD and I assure you this will not happen under me. I remember being part of the days where this used to happen (I wasn't running DB then) and from an illegal roleplayer POV it really used to break roleplay up and had a long-lasting affect on any roleplay which followed. Detectives are law enforcement but they aren't untouchable, they shouldn't be approaching people and being cocky and fearless when they know they're an OC group. If this does happen though anybody is free to ping me a message and it'll be dealt with swiftly.
  7. Baker


    Toying around with a Gang 'Field Office'
  8. Baker


    Just getting started with GTA V Mapping - learning the ropes and so on.
  9. Very enjoyable tbh
  10. Baker


    o// Hey bro, there's a name I've not seen in a long time! Sab!!! Long time dude Hey bro Ayy dawg Respect Too many dude You're fired.
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