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  1. Pretty simple idea, as you know on most server switch-blades and axes are "Illegally acquired" and cannot be bought from regular stores. I just hope that on this server every melee weapons (Except for golf club/stone axe/pool cue) can be bought. Not only are these items very easily purchasable at any Cabelas/Bass Pro shops you can see or any other hardware store. But they provide WAAAAAAY better role-play quality when you get mugged at knife point rather than the good old pistols. And before people say it, there should be a rule that you can't scroll weapons that don't fit in a pocket obviously goes without saying. Buying these melee items should require a minimum of hours on the server to avoid trolls. But yeah TLDR make these available publicly and legally as they are IRL. This will only fuel role-play rather than restrict it in the hunt for a knife where you can just buy one online or at a store. Would be quite nice for role-play!
  2. I mean honestly should be in the rules that anyone engaging into Erotic Role-play should ask oocly via DM in game if the other person or persons are 18+ and consent to the role-play. Now if someone lies about their ages by claiming they are above 18 then that's another story, a bit like going to a bar and hooking up with someone that's 17 but had a fake ID that said 21... Obviously illegal and disgusting to have ERP with a minor, no exceptions. And no one under 18 in game should do any ERP or have any kind of sexual oriented role-play or behaviour. Or add a system that proves your age but even then that's a lot of efforts for something that'll get breached. I'm not sure what's the point of role-playing full ERP when you can just fade to black, I personally don't see the purpose, maybe just role-play after the act, not sure on how engaging in a fully detailed sexual encounter vs faded to black adds anything but some people want it I guess? Also what's worse? Detailed erotic role-play of two adults having sex or detailed gore torture/murder? I think the latter is much worse...
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