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  1. Not even the discord invite here works. This thing simply died. Thanks mmartin. Just move on, people. Like for real.
  2. Sounds nice. Curious to see what's gonna come out of it. Good luck.
  3. God, just stop trying to get into what people RP or not. If you agree with it you just do it, if you don't then don't do it. Of course there should be limits. You would never allow things lie pedophilia, etc. But other than that, fuck. Just let people do their thing. And ID? Like seriously, I just wanna play after a long day or week of work, I ain't trying to join a nightclub. If you wanna use ID for something, ban as well alcohol, drugs and any kind of illegal RP for minors too since you are influencing them by allowing such things.
  4. Let's make it happen, homeboys.
  5. Just loved your drawings, Genny. So cuute! Hahaha Nice work
  6. I truly understood your explanation about Constables and its functions but I also don't see a reason to put it practise. The more we create LEO factions the more we're going to have all these guys pilled inside neighborhoods with 'high crime rate' because even if you guys have a good intention, we all know most of the people playing in LEO's factions wants and likes to interact with illegal factions and not only stay around doing 'soft jobs' and in my opinion that will fuck up the roleplay for illegal factions, especially gangs. I think the effort and the people you would reunite for this would be way better applied inside an already existing faction like PD/SD. It would be way better to have for example, a PD force with a lot of members strategically distributed along the map than 4-5 LEO's factions fighting with each other due to jurisdiction.
  7. RafaSilva15

    Release Update

    Stay safe, Martin. Take care of your family and yourself. Some things can wait. Praying for a good result out of this situation, brother.
  8. I'll adopt you from Germany. Don't worry, soon we'll be home. Welcome to the community!
  9. Just took some good time to read this and I must say it's pretty amazing. I just loved how well explained it is with facts and how to apply it in the RP world. Amazing job and research. Thanks for it!
  10. I think it is good as it is. As others said, the quiz isn't made to trick you nor anything like that, but to at least see if the applicant has a proper mind-set. We need to consider that between people who have been roleplaying for years, there's also people who never roleplayed and are willing to have this experience and they need to at least have some direction on how things works and the rules, everything else will come with experience. In my opinion, older and experienced roleplayers should be the ones to direct new ones with their experience whenever it's possible. The ones who are coming to troll or whatever will be banned or dealt right away, but for those who're starting, it's a good start.
  11. I think I'm aiming for French now since I plan to immigrate to Canada in the new few years.
  12. Jericoacoara, Brazil. And the beaches of Maceio, Alagoas.
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