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  1. Deceive

    Future of LS-RP

    I'm pretty sure that I'm in the minority but I think we could have tried a few more things on GTAV server before opening SAMP server. Only concern, focus being divided into two servers, which can be overwhelming. But it was nice to see some positive reactions going on again and excited to see where this will go.
  2. Really looking forward to the new team, you've got this!
  3. Good luck guys! Have fun with it!
  4. Nah, it didn't work out. At hindsight, I dunno why I tried to make it happen fully knowing nothing with only OOC intentions and no IC character motivation will actually work out but it is what it is. Gave it a shot, didn't work out. It still has scope provided a couple of factions settle around the area but yeah.
  5. Greetings LS-RP'rs, Here's a summary of our February adventure but more importantly information on what lies ahead. So, let's get started with what everybody's been eagerly waiting for - the dev update! DEV UPDATE We're currently in the final phase of testing for LS-RP v1.9 and on the brink of LS-RP v2.0. Although there is no launch date yet, we anticipate it happening very soon! Version 1.9 is an ambitious undertaking where we're implementing several highly requested features, including the ability to purchase properties. Property owners will have the option to set them out for rent and adjust rent based on the tenant's affiliation, such as faction or company. Additionally, we are working on several quality of life updates, such as the ability to have multiple hairstyles (/hairtie) and /modshop for non-government faction vehicles. For more information, please refer to our dev roadmap >> here <<! EVENTS UPDATE It's been another busy month for the Events Team, as we've been operating at full throttle since the beginning of February and haven't slowed down. Despite February being the shortest month, we managed to host more events than ever before! We've continued our successful formula of collaborating with factions to ensure events are not only enjoyable out-of-character but also serve as a tool for in-character character progression. We understand that while this approach may not have been particularly effective for all character types, we are constantly striving to diversify events to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. We're also aware of the community's demand for illegal events. If anyone is interested in setting these up and needs our assistance with anything, please feel free to reach out to us. We'll be more than happy to help you make it work. Here's a list of events that we organised in the month of February, Midnight BBQ party (in collaboration with Hell Runners MC) Redwood Lights Motocross Rally (in collaboration with SAGOV) Vespucci Beach Jet Ski race (in collaboration with SAGOV) Presidents Day (in collaboration with SAGOV) Los Santos Business Expo (in collaboration with SAGOV) Drift King (in collaboration with SAGOV) COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT TEAM The Community Engagement Team has undergone a few changes this month. Currently, the team is led by @Deceive, with @CChef serving as the Assistant Head. We understand that marketing has been under scrutiny for a while, and rightfully so. In this update, we won't delve too much into future plans, as we believe that it's time for action rather than just talk. Instead, here are a few things we've worked on this month: We are aware of the numerous suggestions that the community has put forward, including e-mail campaigns/newsletters, rebranding etc. Some suggestions may not come to fruition, and others will require time to implement, while some changes may be noticeable immediately. To utilize our time and resources efficiently, we will prioritize strategies that can be implemented independently and swiftly. For instance, focusing on social media accounts and advertising on social media was given higher priority over weekly newsletters as the latter required a dedicated personnel from the dev team to set up the infrastructure. However, we will continue to work on implementing the infrastructure and getting the show on the road while ensuring that ongoing projects do not come to a halt. How can we join Community Engagement Team? MAPPING TEAM UPDATE First and foremost, the mapping team leadership has recently changed, laying the foundation for new mapping opportunities, projects and processes. The new leadership will prioritize projects based on server interest, revitalize the mapping request process, and commit to growing our team. The team as a whole, especially Caledonite, would like to express the deepest and sincerest gratitude to Sparkles and kaibr for their tireless efforts and overall everything they contributed to both the team and the server as whole. We hope to see them both back someday. Our new mapping team leadership will consist of @Caledonite as the mapping team leader, and @MAK0 as the assistant mapping team leader. One of our main priorities is going to be getting apartment complexes furnished, including /bareswitch-able units. Eventually every apartment complex will retire the default apartment complex interior. More information is to come in the future. We will also be focusing on government interiors, getting them shaped up from the last time they had any type of furnishing started. Some of these were left as unfinished projects, but we will be revisiting these and getting them mapped as well. We are also looking for any new mappers to join the team! This is a great opportunity to show your creativity off. If any community or staff member wants to showcase any mapping examples they have through furnishing or any other type of mapping method, or if you have any questions about the mapping team, please feel free to contact Caledonite and MAK0 about it. We will answer any type of question or inquiry to the best of our ability. STAFF UPDATE Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members! Senior Admin bobster Izumi Game Admin Helius Trainee Admin ScubaStef Finally, we'd like to conclude this month's update thanking everybody once again for sticking with us through thick and thin. We understand that the journey hasn't been an easy one but we will make sure that it will be a fulfilling one.
  6. It's the resurrection of perfection, let's go.
  7. Just something that's been on my mind AWHILE and felt like sharing today. Discord's kind of killing RP. The most fun I had with RP was when nobody knew what my character was. There was no planning or looking for reason to login. I just logged in and let the story write itself, met a lot of cool people and had a lot of fun. But then I started joining discord servers and oh boy, there are A LOT of them. Every company/business/faction has one and somewhere it feels like we lost the plot with our reliance on discord for everything. It's now come to a point where people won't login unless somebody posts a "reason" for them to login and those "reasons" won't come unless people login. Chicken and egg problem? I'm not blaming Discord for low playerbase. But, just felt that it somehow kills the charm of storytelling. Idk what I'm trying to achieve by posting this but just felt like posting this lol
  8. Let's gooo! That's some good stuffs from the teams! We're hitting 100 with this one boiis!
  9. City-Manager's office is hiring!
  10. Working on an IMPORTANT announcement!
  11. A sneak peak on what exactly we do at City Manager's office!
  12. This is great! Let's goo!
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