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  1. A quartered shield bearing the stars and stripes, a five cornered star and a grizzly bear - a tribute to the short-lived San Andreas Republic. A golden eagle like the kind depicted on the 19th century Mexican Coat of Arms, standing on a cactus while holding a rattlesnake in its beak, the old Alta City Hall and a lion rampant. The Los Santos City Government is one of the largest municipal organizations within the United States, and the largest in San Andreas, providing services to over three million constituents who reside both in the City of Los Santos and the County of Los Santos following a decision in 1992 to consolidate both the City and County of Los Santos into one large entity. The municipal organization is led by a City-County Mayor, who oversees all operations of the government and is responsible for the delivery and accessibility of services. Los Santos is home to people from all walks of life, of all cultures and backgrounds, located on the southern part of San Andreas. What started as a colonial settlement in 1781 under the Spanish Empire, saw rapid expansion ever since its establishment and quickly turned into a major colonial hub. While not much is known about the city during the Spanish rule, it is known that the territory was later on taken over by Mexico in the 1800s, and then rebelled under the short-lived San Andreas Republic in 1846 over land-purchasing rights. At the beginning of the revolt, flags bearing a five cornered star and a grizzly bear were raised by the mutineer soldiers, replacing the Mexican ones. On July 5, 1846 - the United States flag was raised throughout government buildings and militia bases, marking the end of the Republic and the annexation of the land by the United States. --------------------------------------------------------------- TIMOTHY KNIGHT MAYOR Welcome to Los Santos, It is my pleasure to present you with a warm welcome to Los Santos, our little pearl in the West Coast. Los Santos is home to innovation, progress and discovery - where people come from everywhere and everyone are welcome. A sprawling metropolis, Los Santos is one of the busiest regions in all of San Andreas and even the United States, with an active nightlife scene, products and stores from all over the world, there's always something to see in our city. I invite you to tour the city, visit the landmarks and most importantly - enjoy your stay. Welcome once again, Timothy Knight Mayor of Los Santos --------------------------------------------------------------- The Office of Finance is responsible for the financial health of Los Santos, providing business owners, entrepreneurs and visionaries with the tools needed to thrive. It is responsible for the collection of all money deposited in the City Treasury, from taxes to certain city-imposed fees. The Department of Health works to protect the health and well-being of the residents of the city of Los Santos and surrounding incorporated areas, it's main objective is to push public health initiatives and policies in accordance with current state law, support the growing health infrastructure of the city of Los Santos both public and private. The Bureau of Licensing is responsible for the processing of liquor and entertainment licensing and continuous review of those licensed premises across Los Santos. The Los Santos Department of Public Works and Transportation is what keeps the city moving, the workers who keep the city dynamic and ever-changing. The Department is separated into several sections, each having their own responsibilities - the Department of Public Works handles public infrastructure development and maintenance, as well as power and water grids. The Department of Transportation is responsible for making sure the city stays mobile by providing public transit services with the highest quality standards. The Bureau of Parking Management makes sure that appropriate parking etiquette and laws are followed, as well as assists with traffic control where needed. The Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) serves thousands of vulnerable people each year, improving their quality of life via the administration of local welfare programs. Such programs aim to assist and empower disadvantaged individuals and families within the greater Los Santos area to achieve their maximum potential; housing, employment, and financial assistance, to name a few. The Department consistently works towards the economic and social development of all, operating under the values of service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. The Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner (DMEC) is responsible for conducting inquiry into the circumstances, manner, and cause of deaths which fall within its jurisdiction. These inquiries predominantly surround deaths which appear homicidal, suicidal, violent, or accidental; this remit also includes deaths where an appropriate physician is not available to certify death. Inquiries make use of state of the art technology and methods, along with examination of their medical records, behavior, and much more. The DMEC also plays a role by, on request of the Public Health Department, examining deaths which may be related to wider public health risks. The Port of Los Santos is the nation's leading gateway for international trade and has ranked the number one container port in the United States. It is a self-supporting department of the City of Los Santos, also known as the Los Santos Harbor Commission, and is governed by the Los Santos Board of Harbor Commission, a panel appointed by the Mayor of Los Santos. The Port of Los Santos is committed to proper oversight and management of all port activities, with an outstanding team of executives appointed to propel the organization's vision and strategy forward. The Port of Los Santos is a major center of employment. Most workers within terminals are members of various labor unions. CURRENTLY HIRING FOR VARIOUS FACTION POSITIONS: CAREER OPPORTUNITIES LSGOV DISCORD || LSGOV FORUMS
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