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  1. You either bang with Mickey or you get the blicky
  2. No, we don't need to know. If they keep just spitting out release dates and delaying it everytime, what's the purpose of them then? The server is actively being worked on. And as many projects, LSRP isn't the only one that got delayed. (Even if several times) It's a bad move to be so isolated from the community and keeping a lot behind the scenes. But it's just how things are and how the team functions. I am working in a software environment, at work my coworkers bang their heads when they can't figure out some code, it's not a simple trick that can be done in 4 days and a release date can be guaranteed. Plus, the server is done from scratch, no script has been taken from sketchy Russian websites and translated to fit LSRP. There are many people that want a good finished product. It will happen one day.
  3. We've all started somewhere. My english was terrible and I barely made it through my application process. Take your time and apply whenever you want.
  4. The recruitment welcomes everyone. Maybe Jonathan Arlert will show up one day.
  5. The LSSD is accepting hiring applications until March 5th. Employment Service Center
  6. No. A third LEO faction that doesn't even exist in California right now is really unnecessary. The argument that we are Los Santos and not Los Angeles is invalid, because we are replacing California and Los Angeles. That's why all our legal stuff, factions, the penal code, etcetera, is based on California.
  7. Good stuff! Been using these for quite a while, glad that you posted them on our forums too. Keep up the great work.
  8. Truly represents my irl personality
  9. Duckling

    San Andreas Law!

    Impressive, good work!
  11. hello daddy murder
  12. Duckling


    my first boyfriend, jimbo lane
  13. The recruitments will start after launch. No set date as far as I am concerned. But it should be a week or two after launch. We would need to sort ourselves out first, in order to properly introduce new trainees. I hope that I will see your name during the application process.
  14. this week was a bit rough, but pushing through it how are you?
  15. heyy there, fellow citizen of the world
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