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  1. Stinkywinky


    Another one - Congratulations MAKO! Well Deserved!
  2. Congratulation on your position Chef, well deserved
  3. Congratulation little dick Well deserved !
  4. I would personally like to see some love go into civilian and illegal. We have a drug scheme that is inactive due to no effects of the drugs. I would personally like to see an in-game tutorial. This was a main feature in LSRP and was very useful leaving new players not feeling helpless or overwhelmed. A tutorial would be useful. More civilian jobs. /startshift to be revised - company owners are putting in the effort for 0 return? A script to support business for example selling coffee and tea, we don't have a script for these but with new rules and implementation from the company team, company leaders are expected to sell something that is not physically there scripts-wise. The implementation/removal of funds/support from admins is to only be adjusted when developers have implemented if the script supports them. Not to implement and remove things before we have a script - this is demotivating. I feel sometimes we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. instead of sitting back and thinking. Premium to be revised - Make it so it is worth buying. Give some features/rewards for the premium. They are sat there with no meaning or reward - it is not worth buying. @Dos Santos
  5. Well done developers. #lasttopostwoohooo
  6. Keep up the work guys. You're doing well.
  7. V tow - That all i got to say. Just need a jerry can now Keep up the work boys ! and Girls if we got any!
  8. Oi don't call me mate a Loser!
  9. Wha -... it took me ages to make that banner.
  10. Well -.. depends on what perspective you are asking from. But it a food!
  11. OVER THE HILL AND FAR AWAY A SMELLY TUBBY CAME TO PLAY 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 TELETUBBIES STINKYWINKY! DIPSY LAALAA POO! TELETUBBIES INTRODUCTION: Stinkywinky! - Been part of LSRP since 2007, I went by the name Smarty. A few of my chars are Franky Wilcox, Francis Burkhart, Melissa Smart, and Dan Smart. As for real life, I love fish fingers and I'm a brad pitt look alike. I'm a yam yam, come from a place called Dudley on the out skirt of Birmingham. I love talk shite and really just doing as I please. Current chars on LSRP - Francis Burkhart - Licensing officer - LS GOV
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