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  1. Welcome back brotha mane
  2. Marry, kill, fuck Gabbie Carter, Codi Vore, Mira David
  3. A thing given to you at birth What is religion
  4. Very interesting guide! I actually wasn’t familiar with any other Italian organizations outside of La Cosa Nostra, so this was an intriguing post. As a 3rd Generation Italian-American, I can confirm that tradition definitely has its place within my family even to this day. Especially in regards to which region your family hails from. (Sicily for me) Clearly this isn’t a “how to be a mobster” post, but just a brief rundown on the different organizations, where they originated, and their method of businesses. Obviously things have changed from then to now, and there’s been a lot of adapting since transitioning to America and adjusting to different LEO tactics, RICO charges, surveillance cameras, etc.
  5. This is the most gang shit I’ve witnessed in my life
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