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  1. Lorik is a real gee, he points real guns at lil kids.
  2. I'm all down for it, only if there's a good house breakin system. If houses can't be invaded, then we didn't solve anything.
  3. Rage gets laggy as hell when cars are spawned so... I'd rather be able to have stash cars if it means no lag.
  4. Should we be able to /v park cars with drugs/weapons inside? I didn't really mind how it was on SA-MP, but I want to hear more opinions about this.
  5. SA:MP LS-RP is going to be just another good memory, I doubt it's returning, and even if it does - it won't get anywhere. Start looking forward, GTA V is a great experience and they can pull it off if they really want to, and listen to the community.
  6. Bidding them a warm welcome! Everyone started from the bottom, and here we are... not even close to the top. Respect the rules and have fun.
  7. You have a point here too. Apparently I only came with a possible solution to the GTA:W's problem. Maybe there's something that can be done, and better. That's why we need some people to go rant in here, we could meet in the middle. I suggested something before and it was quickly dismissed by the other community. Maybe going for RPG elements is the go to. Players could upgrade house locks, alarms, etc, and based on that, the difficulty increases when it comes to breaking in. For the burglars, a /loot command starts a timer that discovers you items and it's automatic, giving you time to do /me properly. The command of breaking down the door could have a cooldown, so we don't have people going on sprees. The real problem is how do we find stashes? Basically what was happening before, was just asset safety. We still don't know much, would we be able to /v park cars if there's drugs/weapons in it? Will people roleplay having stashes in their houses when it's easier to buy the cheapest cars and /v park them full of stuff? There's still a bunch of questions left unanswered.
  8. uh no. I dont wanna see people going in front of a house, take a screenshot (we have built in 1st camera) and then do their blindfold thing back at home. There's more we can do now, make burglary a thing.
  9. oh man, pireva is something else.
  10. every time i see you dos, i ll ask: where tf is undertow? on a serious note: wag1?
  11. yo kookin, you aint got a pc fam, delete account.
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