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  1. Furniture Script for permanent inmates, I'm truly excited for it's release! I can feel that it's super close! #staypositive!
  2. LSRP means a lot to me and I'm sure it does for many others as well, I've experienced many servers in the past but LSRP was the best and I stuck with it since the first day I joined, blown away with the furniture script and what it had to offer at the time. I personally experienced a lot of great roleplay with a lot of great people over the years that really made the LSRP community, every single moment was worth it to me. I want LSRP V to do really well, I want to play it every moment I get and build up again. I personally see LSRP thriving once it releases. I really do hope the server launches at the end of September for all of us to start rping again, would be really fun! I'll always love LSRP.
  3. Hmmm, I just thought it would've been neat for players to get something for their dedication over the last decade etc.
  4. This can be done after server launch obviously, but I think it is deserved for long-term players over a period of several years that have dedicated their time here at LSRP. -Different types of badges (examples): - Old-School LSRP - 2014 LSRP (Year Joined) - 10,000 Hours Badge These badges would be represented underneath the (Early Supporter) badge. I was very fond of LSRP SAMP and I'd very well like to hold it's memory! I think it'd be a nice thing to include badges representing SAMP LSRP since it was the very beginning of where a majority of us learned how to roleplay and experience great things throughout the years. SAMP LSRP was the very beginning which should be represented with the present and with the future of LSRP V as it's the history of the server.
  5. I understand that's how robbing works irl but you have to understand that there's a lot of abuse and the robber has to cooperate with the victim as well rather then just abruptly taking the items with minimal rp. Some items are hidden on a player like drugs etc, you'd have to fully RP it and search for it on a victim. You can't just run up and have access to random player inventories, "stalling" is bound to happen either way to give both parties a chance to rp properly and the best place to do it is away from main streets or around public areas as it may be expected for the rp to take longer then anticipated.
  6. I find that a lot of robberies are sub-par which I've experienced occasionally during rp, giving no regards to using masks or being afraid of getting caught on camera etc. I typically liked the original way of how robberies were handled through rp between both parties involved, I personally don't think I'd like for anyone to just have access to my inventory and to take things without my permission as that could lead to a bunch of abuse amongst players. There'd have to be some sort of /acceptance command between both parties and even so that /acceptance could still be stalled either way until players agree with what's being taken within the scenario. I prefer the regular method of how robberies are handled within the server and for any abuse to be reported on the forums.
  7. Obviously I know this is a joke since you created your account yesterday and only have one post, which is this(No-ERP-Rule) and that's the purpose you made this profile(vla3). I will say this to you or to anyone who actually thinks this topic is serious, if what players like to RP in private bothers you even if you never participate in that kind of role-play then you shouldn't play with others since it has nothing to do with you anyway. You might as well go play singleplayer, you can rp and talk to yourself and only do things of your own interests that way you never get upset with anyone else or their opinions/interests of what they like to rp. Kind of sounds like a loner but fyi, that's not how irl works. You can't like everything and the things others do around you where you might find things that are cringe or horrible, it's apart of life and should be taken in-character as well for realism. - If this type of rp bothers you, then you can't really consider yourself a good rper, I believe LS-RP has understood that point for over a decade. And there's plenty of role-play and development that comes from erotic role-play such as actual filming companies, abuse, drugs, gang-involvement, relationship creating and marriages, strip-clubs and partying just like in real life. We might as well fade-to-black all club openings and just make all players pay entry fee's, then tell them to leave immediately, would save time. - Think about the quality of role-play. The Rules relating to LS-RP Samp for the last 12 years was fine regarding e-rp which everyone followed, minors typically shouldn't be participating in such rp and they shouldn't be playing gta either. But as mentioned, I haven't seen any real issues regarding it over my long-term of Roleplaying in LS-RP so I think our general rules are good that we have in place. - Also if you're only typing with your left hand, you must be a slow roleplayer. #quality.
  8. Keep up the great work, I love seeing the snippets!
  9. Much support from me, I will be doing a legal company as well most likely once it's ready to go!
  10. It's not so much as a (NPC) but more so players playing on Alts with lack of depth and that only appear once or very rarely. I experienced this a lot while running a company on LSRP SAMP. You'd show your whole business location, do an interview with them, get them all setup etc and give them a task while spending all day with them/teaching the ropes of how the business operates or what to do and then they never come back again since it was an alt to begin with. I typically don't like just /inviting players with no context. This happened to a lot of companies, that's why I'm personally against Alts in general, not that everyone has bad alts though, I've had a quite of few players that did well using alts and had the time to maintain both.
  11. I've never personally taken part in the Roleplay surrounding the University on LSRP SAMP but I liked the idea and with everything that is available on GTA V would make it that much better, such as clothes and being preppy with Gucci, inventory paper notes to do class work etc. It'd be neat if you could even get a little certificate of your graduation/degree. I'd totally like to see something like this exist on the server, it's different role-play and I like others role-playing a bunch of different things and that's what makes the server more lively. I vote yes!
  12. I strongly agree, this should be available on launch for concept arts, posters, in-game films etc especially with the use of Menyoo. Having it in advance as well would be really nice, but I'd also like for makeup to be available in the character creation as it's hard to tell if your character looks it's best before finalizing your character as it's tied to a one time usage for parent selections.
  13. I already commented on Socrates comment earlier: " Dj's don't just look for tracks on youtube but it's the most simple thing to do in real life, which is play your own music at your convenience. " That's when I mentioned Update: Option 2 and put it at the top of this topic section for others to read as I thought it was the easiest solution to overcome any potential problems. I also understand that you were a DJ on LSRP Samp as well and by denying this for other players to play url music through Option 2, you'd be benefiting from it since the only way for players to listen to their music with friends in-game would be through you or other DJ's only. It should be easier for other players to listen to their own music when they want, in my opinion. Player/Company examples: I shouldn't have to pay a DJ or make a request for your XMR channel to play Beethoven for 3 hours straight just because my library is opening for customers to come in or my 5 star restaurant and I want 5 hours of /certain/ piano music to play for customers to give off a high-rating restaurant experience. Regarding music being able to be heard outside of vehicles during the test build, it'd have to be tested with Update Option 2/urls and I'm sure it could be changed if necessary. I also still want XMR stations by the way but I also want to have easy access to play my own, I feel like every player should be able to and would prefer that along with a rule section regarding setstation rules/explicit noises to inform players of possible punishments. I agree with this, a simple /togstation command should exist so players can block certain types of music they don't want to hear at their own convenience as we had on samp. I'm also sure that if any issues did arise regarding explicit music playing that admins could handle it and take the appropriate time to do so, though these issues would be quite rare and limited if we went with the Option 2 I mentioned in the first post.
  14. Ya, exactly! So you'd go with option 2, unfortunately I didn't put that option in the polls but saying yes basically means you'd be okay with supporting option 1 or 2. Great to get your opinion regarding music! - edit: I made Option 1 & Option 2 more clear and edited the poles, wasn't aware I could do that!
  15. That's why I mentioned the *Update* portion in the first post and obviously Dj's don't just look for tracks on youtube but it's the most simple thing to do in real life, which is play your own music at your convenience. It shouldn't be held back just for players to benefit from their DJ roleplay in general. Restaurant, different types of businesses should be able to play the type of music they want within their store through url like for example: certain piano music to certain club beats or art gallery music etc that they prefer. It should not be withheld just because DJ's want to press the play button and hog it for themselves, It doesn't make any sense. I shouldn't have to hire a DJ just to listen to my personal taste of music within my vehicle either. I do understand that there are rule breakers though so I am referring to the *Update*(2nd choice) that I posted at the start of this post as an option. I also understand that it would personally benefit you in-game if you halted the freedom of music so no one else can listen to their own music except DJ's within clubs which is pretty non-rp and I feel like we should be a little bit more open regarding music.
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