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  1. I played several servers that I can't remember, but NG-RP is the oldest one I can recall and I played under a bunch of different names back then. You can see me for very brief moments in 2012 during the fund raiser for cancer on NGRP as Ashley_N_Leone. You can also tell it's me because I'm the only one that good with toys/clothing items even for back then, also my iconic purse is visible that everyone else copied, I was the first creator! - You can see me in the main screenshot before the video starts and at: 1:30 at the front of the line. I was most known for Ashley Rose, my assets were worth like $500.00 USD at the time, it was pretty iconic. I eventually left NGRP though and joined LSRP in 2014 and played it for the remainder of it's life-span on gta samp and I'm really glad I did or else I wouldn't have met a lot of you, including my Boo-Boo Carry Saunders! I'm now waiting for LSRP V! I will always love Roleplay. @Mmartin @Kane Keep up the good work! It's a shame it wasn't as easy to record game footage back then, not as it is today or else I'd have more to show of my NGRP experiences, I used to have a pink hp laptop that barely ran the game.. was my first computer but it was such a great time, I loved every minute of it... the good, the bad rp.. it was all worth it in the end.
  2. So the Character Creator, the base system is for skin color, face shape, eye color and so on. - We should have more then one chance to edit this due to poor lighting within the creator and horrible camera angles, there's going to be flaws that we can't see until we can walk around ourselves without being locked in place. Also, allowing to put make-up on and change hair-dyes during the creator gives more of a sense of your character portrayal and what you'd be aiming for. The face shape/parent that you use is very important for your beginning structure of designing a nice character's face. The main point of this thread is to give players more of an opportunity to fix flaws that they accidently made in the restrictive character creator. Hence a level system or a set amount of time to give the proper amount of players the time to adjust their characters I think would be a great thing in my opinion.
  3. It's been awhile since we've been given updates and I'm not sure if anything has changed since then with the character creation system. To my knowledge everyone has one chance to really customize their character in terms of parents/skin color maybe even eye color which I don't really like personally due to the poor lighting within the character creation, no makeup and no hair dyes along with decent clothing that your character might actually wear. I'm sure players are looking for a certain look for the story they want to tell. I'm aware that characters will still be able to edit their nose and other small features though which is good. If this system is still in place, I think it'd be a nice addition to extend the character creation and allow players to edit their character freely as long as they like until they reach level 5 ( If levels are a thing. ) That way it gives enough time for people to learn about the server, the direction of their character and to edit them in a timely manner rather then being rushed for a one time character creation which may lead to a lot of mistakes that they couldn't see in the character creator to begin with. I think this would be a nice edition for all players and that way you still achieve what you want by players not being able to drastically change their characters over a period of time adding more realism but giving new players (Level 5 Max) the benefit of the doubt for their mistakes that they might create during that time. I've made a poll so everyone can vote for what they would prefer (Multiple Choice), if this system has already been changed then so be it! But I'd definitely want more then one chance at editing my character so I can put on the proper makeup, play with the hair styles etc. If none of this becomes a thing and we stick to a one time character creation then I'd like for makeup, hair dyes to be put into it so I can make sure I like what I've made. Keep in mind, this is just a suggestion and the pole is to help show what players would prefer.
  4. I wouldn't mind players using ped skins, mind you.. I believe it was stated early in the year that you'll only have one chance to really customize your character in terms of parents/skin color maybe even eye color which I don't directly agree with especially due to the horrible lighting given during character customization and with the lack of makeup and hair dyes which doesn't give a full picture of my character, which can really ruin a player character if you only have that one chance to edit them correctly for main face features. So, if this system is still in place it might be hard to also include ped skins if the main character creation is a one time creation. I'm not sure if this system is still in place as that info I believe was given last year, I may be mistaken though and I'd prefer to be able to edit my character as many times as needed to make my character perfect or perhaps disable access to character creation after level 5 through auto level up which I might actually make a separate suggestion for.
  5. Mmartin is back, confirmed by yours truly! - Proof taken today ( January 13th 2023 ) The hype train is re-enabled, you're welcome. #LSRP
  6. Hello all you beautiful readers! I've been reading comments within this section of the last year approximately, some rather rude but I do understand your frustrations of course. I've been rather lenient the past year and 2 months from the first announcement of a possible release date and I've been supportive during that time and I still am of course. I'm not fond of the silence for 2 months straight, even simple information would still satisfy me in some regards. I like some information while waiting for the server to release. I understand that life can surely get in the way of you finishing the server sooner, or the lack of motivation, I'm not sure which one it'd be but perhaps both or neither who knows! I only wish for you to keep pushing forward as I know it can be hard to do sometimes, I'm not saying to release it tomorrow. I'm saying to keep us informed or to get other staff to inform us of general progress as I love hearing of all of your teams hard work and collaboration, I'm still proud of each and every administrator with the hard work put in, even if small but please understand that a test-feed isn't really good enough to keep people excited. I like to read what's going on a little and I'm sure everyone else likes to read about the updates as well, even if it's a little sentence in announcements, detailing the next minor step. Give us something to read and hopefully you and your team will push forward even if a little at a time to accomplish LSRP V as we all are waiting for it. I wish the best for LSRP and I hope to see everyone soon, please keep us informed! - It's time. Regards, Natasha Valentine.
  7. Furniture Script for permanent inmates, I'm truly excited for it's release! I can feel that it's super close! #staypositive!
  8. LSRP means a lot to me and I'm sure it does for many others as well, I've experienced many servers in the past but LSRP was the best and I stuck with it since the first day I joined, blown away with the furniture script and what it had to offer at the time. I personally experienced a lot of great roleplay with a lot of great people over the years that really made the LSRP community, every single moment was worth it to me. I want LSRP V to do really well, I want to play it every moment I get and build up again. I personally see LSRP thriving once it releases. I really do hope the server launches at the end of September for all of us to start rping again, would be really fun! I'll always love LSRP.
  9. Hmmm, I just thought it would've been neat for players to get something for their dedication over the last decade etc.
  10. This can be done after server launch obviously, but I think it is deserved for long-term players over a period of several years that have dedicated their time here at LSRP. -Different types of badges (examples): - Old-School LSRP - 2014 LSRP (Year Joined) - 10,000 Hours Badge These badges would be represented underneath the (Early Supporter) badge. I was very fond of LSRP SAMP and I'd very well like to hold it's memory! I think it'd be a nice thing to include badges representing SAMP LSRP since it was the very beginning of where a majority of us learned how to roleplay and experience great things throughout the years. SAMP LSRP was the very beginning which should be represented with the present and with the future of LSRP V as it's the history of the server.
  11. I understand that's how robbing works irl but you have to understand that there's a lot of abuse and the robber has to cooperate with the victim as well rather then just abruptly taking the items with minimal rp. Some items are hidden on a player like drugs etc, you'd have to fully RP it and search for it on a victim. You can't just run up and have access to random player inventories, "stalling" is bound to happen either way to give both parties a chance to rp properly and the best place to do it is away from main streets or around public areas as it may be expected for the rp to take longer then anticipated.
  12. I find that a lot of robberies are sub-par which I've experienced occasionally during rp, giving no regards to using masks or being afraid of getting caught on camera etc. I typically liked the original way of how robberies were handled through rp between both parties involved, I personally don't think I'd like for anyone to just have access to my inventory and to take things without my permission as that could lead to a bunch of abuse amongst players. There'd have to be some sort of /acceptance command between both parties and even so that /acceptance could still be stalled either way until players agree with what's being taken within the scenario. I prefer the regular method of how robberies are handled within the server and for any abuse to be reported on the forums.
  13. Obviously I know this is a joke since you created your account yesterday and only have one post, which is this(No-ERP-Rule) and that's the purpose you made this profile(vla3). I will say this to you or to anyone who actually thinks this topic is serious, if what players like to RP in private bothers you even if you never participate in that kind of role-play then you shouldn't play with others since it has nothing to do with you anyway. You might as well go play singleplayer, you can rp and talk to yourself and only do things of your own interests that way you never get upset with anyone else or their opinions/interests of what they like to rp. Kind of sounds like a loner but fyi, that's not how irl works. You can't like everything and the things others do around you where you might find things that are cringe or horrible, it's apart of life and should be taken in-character as well for realism. - If this type of rp bothers you, then you can't really consider yourself a good rper, I believe LS-RP has understood that point for over a decade. And there's plenty of role-play and development that comes from erotic role-play such as actual filming companies, abuse, drugs, gang-involvement, relationship creating and marriages, strip-clubs and partying just like in real life. We might as well fade-to-black all club openings and just make all players pay entry fee's, then tell them to leave immediately, would save time. - Think about the quality of role-play. The Rules relating to LS-RP Samp for the last 12 years was fine regarding e-rp which everyone followed, minors typically shouldn't be participating in such rp and they shouldn't be playing gta either. But as mentioned, I haven't seen any real issues regarding it over my long-term of Roleplaying in LS-RP so I think our general rules are good that we have in place. - Also if you're only typing with your left hand, you must be a slow roleplayer. #quality.
  14. Keep up the great work, I love seeing the snippets!
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