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  1. They will if they're incredibly stupid and want to lose the last 1% of trust and respect they get from the community.
  2. Imma head out actually. LCRP seems much more promising at this point and I became part of their web development. Enjoy LSRP guys, I'm sure it'll be great at release. Mmartin, get your shit together.
  3. Personally I never had issues with the EAC integration, but I got a high end system. I think people most affected by this are the low end systems, as they also seem to be complaining the most. Definitely worth looking into from RageMP's side and definitely worth appealing of at RageMP Devs.
  4. Asfar as Im aware, RageMP is working on a toggle option, so it becomes optional.
  5. Heya everyone! So with an other postpone for the development team to get needed time to work on the script, I was wondering if theres anyone interested in being able to download character XML’s in advance, so we can work on some concept arts, thread art for factions, etc.. And perhaps also if the development team sees this as a viable option to introduce right now pre-launch!
  6. Good to see you here! I used to be Kayleigh Prescott, we RPed a few times in LSRP SAMP when you contracted Wrath.
  7. What if your character isn’t a biker per-sé but does like bikes and likes hanging out around bikers? Plus OOCly I’d love to see how this will turn out! Can I also join?
  8. GMT, majority rules in this case and the majority of players can play with the GMT timezone on the server. Halfing the server time cycle will complicate things with dates and times. We’ll be in 2024 by the end of 2022 if that idea ever passes through. Big no from me.
  9. Skateboarding sounds cool to do! https://nl.gta5-mods.com/scripts/skatev https://nl.gta5-mods.com/scripts/skate-v-plus And perhaps for RP purposes introduce this mod, so we can rent billboard space ingame? https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/old-version-of-animated-billboard-add-on
  10. Events with more than 50 people would require measures taken. Popular measures are the despawning of all cars in the area (this only solves it slightly) or create a seperate dimension for the event, which can be entered at any location an admin deems fit.
  11. Rage was never made for hundreds of players and gets stabillity and streaming issues when non-NPC entity amount in an area reaches above 32 (max players for a GTA Online lobby, “coincidentally”!)
  12. This would cause massive streaming and performance issues, not a fan.
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