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  2. There's literally other, easier ways to distribute weapons illegally not through gun dealers. Like just grant a certain amount of these to leaderships of illegal factions so they could distribute them to their members, which then could either chose to keep them or sell them off to random people in the street for crack money.
  3. Anything out of moral norms was already banned a long time ago and people were okay with things the way they were. Sexual roleplay used to bring a lot interesting roleplay venues into lsrp - strip clubs, underground clubs, brothels, adult movie studios, prostitution rings and so on. And all of those venues would bring something to do for everyone - illegals, civilians, cops and so on... And it wasn't forced onto anyone, everyone had the choice if they want to take part in it or go on with their own roleplay.
  4. Depends on the location. but it is illegal in, if not all, but at least in some parts of the US. Unrestricting these weapons will undoubtedly lead to 90% of the population carrying them. With the advertised in-game internet system I'm sure you could potentially create online stores selling them that would somehow make it a bit harder to purchase them, but they simply cannot appear in physical stores.
  5. I agree with all, except brass knuckles and switchblade knives - those are illegal and can't be purchased in stores.
  6. Speeding, illegal parking, putting pineapple on pizza
  7. You already have to accept the frisk. You'll get the same outcome, just with extra steps and this doesn't prevent stalling at all. Exactly. And stalling is also not allowed, therefore you can forum report that as well. This is just a closed loop - restricting one party will allow the other to abuse and vice-versa. And in the end of the day we'll still all meet in the forum report section. This doesn't solve anything. And there's no exact definition for stalling, naturally, native English speakers will type much faster then, for example me, for whom English is the 2nd or even 3rd language. I've been accused for stalling numerous times, when the robber would type in the speed of a court stenographer, whereas I have to think over what I'm about to write,
  8. I'm sure this would lead to heavy abuse, because it is less risky. And it would make robbing someone using an M4 assault rifle and a sports car even more convenient.
  9. I think the way we had it in SAMP was sufficient - it wasn't done in public, there were basic rules surrounding it and in 99% of the cases people would follow them, haven't heard about any complaints regarding since like 2014. Micromanaging peoples roleplay seems a little too invasive to be honest, especially as long as it's realistic and doesn't bother anyone not involved. After all, this would be quite hard to control anyways, and in my opinion, it's a waste of staffs time. Yet, I would target to punish players that use LSRP as a platform solely for erp and nothing else - that I wouldn't approve. And another thing, this kind of restriction would eliminate various roleplay ventures we had before - prostitution rings, unlicensed strip clubs etc. Things that involve both the illegal and legal roleplayers. I've had a quite a lot of interesting investigations into the prostitution rings back when I was VICE. I'd say this is a bit of an overstatement. I personally haven't engaged in any of those acts myself, but I'm against restricting roleplay which isn't unrealistic or bothering/offensive to others. I'll repeat myself once again - the way we had it in samp was perfectly fine. And as for age verification - I'm sure that by collecting personal data like DOB etc. LSRP would be violating the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and could even potentially lead to legal actions. However, most of the donators are 18+ as banks don't allow online transactions on junior cards, nor they give out credits cards to minors. But even that is pointless as I don't see any way how you could implement a age verification system in-game. TL;DR The way we had in samp was perfectly fine.
  10. Agreeing without any doubts. Cars never meant much to players in ls-rp, because they were really easy to get and didn't require any care, hell, you didn't even need to refuel them that often - maybe once per two months, if you haven't sold or scrapped it yet. They must become assets that players worry and care about. Unpopular opinion - this should apply to faction and company cars too. I'd love to see some proper fleet management done,
  11. I've always been an advocate for niche civil and legal roleplay. I think there are certain agencies that would bring some interesting roleplay, but again, neither PD or SD does what those agencies do. I.e. IRS - would make sense as we're going to have some sort of taxation system, therefore it would be interesting to see some sort of tax enforcement being done ICly, rather then it being hardcoded to happen automatically, opens new opportunities for both legal and illegal roleplayers. I remember a long time ago there was a small group of people roleplaying as coastguards and I really found them interesting after seeing their screenshot thread - they brought some life into the waters, as usually it would be only people spam-fishing and occasional police chases. Sadly they were asked not to do that by staff as they weren't an official faction. I think these kinds of small groups could bring good roleplay opportunities. I used FBI and Park Rangers as a poor example, as they wouldn't bring anything in value or unique, they do what PD/SD basically does, but there's plenty of unique things that I haven't thought about.
  12. Doesn't require much OOC regulations in my opinion. They just need to balance out how much cash "appears" and "disappears", as a closed-circuit economy is not possible.
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