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  1. The issue with LS-RP college RP was that it formed a very small closed roleplay circle which would lose interest in roleplaying it properly and turn into a shitfest. It was ran by us (GOV) back then and we don't currently plan on bringing it back, at least not on launch. I would bring it up for discussion sometime in the future once the server is more settled and there's still sufficient interest in it and with proper preparations done to it. If someone wants to do that separately, then I'm sure we could offer support to a certain level as long as standards are kept.
  2. 'Official' status would grant the entity more control and more tools to manage it in SAMP. It would become kind of pointless if the company/business system adapts the same features (Company bank, paychecks, ranks etc.) and becomes available to everyone.
  3. Looking forward on what '22 will bring me, as 2021 was already a slight recovery after being pushed down a pit in 2020. Waiting for LS-RP to drop, really curious on what it will bring, as despite me liking LSRP a lot, it needed drastic changes.
  4. I don't think that's the case with US Police Forces. What you are describing is some of the European police forces (UK, Norway) where regular officers do not carry firearms. Nor do the communities have huge issues with illegal weapons, armed gangs and car chases rarely happen. In US shoot-outs and chases in some areas is as normal as going for groceries. I suggest you to check out this youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/PoliceActivity and you'll see how American police work differs from the comparably calm situation in Europe. And when it comes to server - it's something like Detroit.
  5. News Agencies shouldn't become official factions at all, especially with the tools and features companies will be getting in the server. Faction status should be only kept to government entities and illegal roleplayers (Although, many of those could also be facilitated under companies, especially white collar criminal organizations).
  6. All news agencies have to be equal. Therefore having SAN as a faction and the rest forced to build up as companies is unfair.
  7. Afaik people won't be able to own businesses anymore, if you want a business you have to have a registered entity behind it, automatically giving you more tools and control.
  8. Having a government-owned construction company doesn't really make sense, in almost all cases the government contracts a private owned company instead and may assign an overseeing department. In this case we have the Department of Public Works, which handles day-to-day tasks as repairs, maintenance etc. on it's own with it's own Technicians and has potential to handle various administrative tasks too. Scripted features are to be expected.
  9. LSGOV FORUMS Guys, just a reminder that we've got OOC pre-launch recruitment going on all the way until server launch. We're currently hiring for the following positions: Human Resources Generalist | Personnel Department Trainee Technician | Department of Public Works Trainee Traffic Officer | Bureau of Parking Management* Bus Operator Trainee | Department of Transportation Treasurer Staff | Office of Finance Probationary Licensing Official | Licensing Bureau Deputy Coroner | Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner Forensic Pathology Fellow | Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner Medical Examiner | Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner Assistant Director | Los Santos Port Authority *Only for players, who have been in a LEO faction in the past. Most of the positions accept reinstatements as well, with the exception of those which never existed in SAMP LS-RP.
  10. It was like that before any rules surrounding COVID were implemented. It was handled quite well after rules were set.
  11. IC racism wasn't really banned at any point as far as I know, to a certain point of course, as there were people that would express their IRL hate using their character, but in most of the cases that could be easily distinguishable. And it shouldn't be related to specific IRL events. OOC racism is a different thing. However, various national and other types of issues, as well as relations to IRL events, should be kept out - it's not IRL, it's a completely different universe with an undefined prologue. G. Floyd was an IRL event and even if it was fun, it shouldn't have had an impact on the server timeline. However, if a similar event would've happened in the ls-rp universe and that would've triggered those events, it would've been much cooler. However, I think LS-RP's approach to COVID was very good, allowing people to roleplay its existence, however, no one was allowed to roleplay having COVID, creating an environment where characters could establish their own protection measures, but avoid trolls which would go around coughing on everyone and doing '/me has corona virus'. Sadly, I hoped to see more precaution measures taken around, like GOV DOH was planning on creating roleplay around testing centers, but it is what it is, it was completely up to individual players.
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