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  1. It was like that before any rules surrounding COVID were implemented. It was handled quite well after rules were set.
  2. IC racism wasn't really banned at any point as far as I know, to a certain point of course, as there were people that would express their IRL hate using their character, but in most of the cases that could be easily distinguishable. And it shouldn't be related to specific IRL events. OOC racism is a different thing. However, various national and other types of issues, as well as relations to IRL events, should be kept out - it's not IRL, it's a completely different universe with an undefined prologue. G. Floyd was an IRL event and even if it was fun, it shouldn't have had an impact on the server timeline. However, if a similar event would've happened in the ls-rp universe and that would've triggered those events, it would've been much cooler. However, I think LS-RP's approach to COVID was very good, allowing people to roleplay its existence, however, no one was allowed to roleplay having COVID, creating an environment where characters could establish their own protection measures, but avoid trolls which would go around coughing on everyone and doing '/me has corona virus'. Sadly, I hoped to see more precaution measures taken around, like GOV DOH was planning on creating roleplay around testing centers, but it is what it is, it was completely up to individual players.
  3. Explain? How could the system work?
  4. Businesses would have the option to order everything from "overseas" directly, but that would have to be planned ahead, as that's a cheaper option, but has more lead time. Instead, if let's say, a business wants to open in 3hrs, but they don't have any supplies as drinks, or food, or whatever consumables they need to operate, they contact one of the local suppliers which keep stock on-site and arrange a delivery asap, however, then they pay price asked by the supplier, which can be quite high.
  5. Yes! This!!!! Port has unlimited potential and will become a vital part of the economy if we make it as the first point of the IC goods supply chain. Business order goods as alcohol, tobacco, food in advance and have to plan ahead. Those goods are shipped and arrive at the port where they are processed by the port employees (unloaded and unpacked from shipping containers) and taken by trucks to the businesses. Creates natural lead time. This would create a new business type - suppliers. They would order and store larger quantities of various goods and sell them to businesses that need goods urgently with a mark-up. Vehicle dealerships could be opened by players in addition to the server owned ones, which would order and sell cars on-spot without the need to wait. This could be expanded a lot, both for legal and illegal organizations. Narcotics could be shipped in containers between goods and the criminal orgazination would have to bribe port people to let it pass. Or threaten them. Or come in and take it by force. Maybe extend it to fuel supply too? Just make the supply like this: Cheaper, but not as much quanities - oil field > refinery > gas station. More expensive, but unlimited - ship > port > gas station. This has to happen @ImperiumXVII
  6. 2, is still spamming, not cool.
  7. This is a new chapter, new people. Mistakes were made in the past and everything will be done to prevent them from repeating.
  8. It was an amazing experience to lead this awesome team that used to create roleplay out of thin air - without any scripts or systems they managed to keep it up. SanSTA was the shit.
  9. Venta

    What do you drive?

    2007 A6 C6 2.7 TDI 132kw (Chip-tuned up to 160kw) - this was our choice of a family car before buying the Multivan. Now we use this when we ride without kids. It's my not-so-little road warrior with scars, but a very alive heart under the hood.
  10. Venta

    What do you drive?

    2011 VW Multivan T5.1 2.0 TDI 132kw 7-gear DSG 4-motion comfortline long wheelbase. Shit's more comfortable than any merc.
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