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  1. I'd love to see this back and active on the new server, I think SAN network should also have a business magazine like forbes publishing news about companies and ranking wealthiest people in the state of course after gathering data and information entirely in character.
  2. Players need to interact with as much businesses as possible to encourage every kind of roleplay, I'd personally like to see civilian jobs roleplay in fast food restaurants, supermarkets, nightclubs, bars, agriculture and factories, I'm just wondering how roleplay is going to be planned at the server launch because I don't want to see people grinding jobs or anything like that.
  3. That'd be a legal faction, not a business.
  4. Very useful, would like to see more detailed information about neighborhoods such as which one has low/medium density like ghetto while others have high density with commercial zones like downtown etcetera.
  5. We already got LSDOT Transit.
  6. As someone who owned a company and mostly RP in the countryside back in lsrp samp, I'd like to see dogs and farm owned animals like chicken and cows for roleplay purpose.
  7. Here is what I have on my laptop's desktop, post yours!
  8. Happy birthday :^)
  9. What you are referring to happened around five years ago under different leadership, the faction was reformed and replaced by State Government which didn't have an active licensing department as far as I know and therefore your argument is invalid. Los Santos City Government faction will mainly consist of former members of State Government and of course new members joining through recruitment, this is the second time the faction is being reformed, everything is made from scratch and they are aiming for a fun and approachable government.
  10. We should accept new things, however I agree with what @shotofwhiskeysaid, Pershing Square sounds better than Legion square and I'm also not a fan of some street names in gta v like melanoma street, like why would you name a street after a type of skin cancer.
  11. 10 Great protagonist.
  12. When the management decided to implement an emoji system and everyone was mad about it, then realising it was all a joke.
  13. Monocle


    yes it's a convoy server, it supports AI but can only handle up to 8 players.
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