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  1. That's pretty much the only reason why people want to see the old forums back, yet they claim to want to look at the forums for "nostalgia sake". But personally I don't think they will release it any time soon since the main focus is the server launch at the moment and developers still got many hours left to work on most of the server's scripts so releasing the server is a priority. If you are roleplaying on another server and you are out of ideas, then just do some effort and try to be creative for the time being.
  2. Same and then declaring bankruptcy after losing all my population from water contamination. The game is free on epic games until 17th of march btw.
  3. Make a discord server for the community who rp at the countryside including SD, gangs and civillians, so people know when open businesses and events are taking place.
  4. There should be a talk through with the community before deciding anything, I don't see why would management come up with such as thing without any discussion given that all legal factions are trying to portray departments from real life LA. How would management explain the resemblance of LS seal and LA one from an IC perspective.
  5. Management never said San Andreas will be an island afaik it was already discussed. https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/topic/626-ls-vs-la/
  6. I think taxi driver, trucker and garbage man jobs already exist, I would like to see uber driver as a scripted job as well. As much as I like agriculture, I don't think we need a scripted farming job when you can just roleplay that if you do it in the right way like roleplaying seasons, soil problems etc... It doesn't really matter if you will earn money from it or not, If anyone remember Whetstone Dairy Products that was my company and we didn't make any profit from what we were doing, in fact I was losing money on employees' paychecks and such. Nevertheless it was just a good RP experience and I'm glad a few people gave it a chance.
  7. The first female mayor of LS or was it Susan Licther?
  8. I'm not used to driving with keyboard and mouse, controller is the way to go.
  9. They do when they pull someone over but I don't know if they handle parking tickets, the link you shared is from the bureau of parking management.
  10. I feel like the shield is underrated, I don't remember how I got my hand on the game when I was young and now I decided to watch the series, I'm on season 3 and it's my favourite so far!
  11. Now I get why Maxis is turning their full attention to the sims 4 with all the packs refreshing and delivery updates, trying to combat any competitive risk for the sim series. I didn't get to play cities skylines enough, I just remember scraping every city I made and starting all over again multiple times.
  12. I played the base game once, the game really outperformed SimCity.
  13. If you ask I'd say I'm no longer interested in grinding jobs for money and I think mentality have changed here too, people got old and no longer have enough time for such a thing, we would only hop in to roleplay once we have time, I have really missed roleplay since the server closed last year and I'm looking forward to do it on the new ragemp server.
  14. I think we should have businesses like bars and coffee shops open at server launch or the day after, it'd be nice to encourage roleplay from day one and get people to know each other ICly. I can imagine how things might turn out if there is no event going on, people might be just running around, free-roaming in cars and checking every property and feature in the server absolutely a chaos.
  15. They are very welcome, if they have no knowledge about how text-based roleplay work then they will learn just like any other new player, I think we should take it easy on them. Just like what Freedom Fighter said we were all newbies at one point in time.
  16. Not really a veteran but I joined and started playing since Jan 2016.
  17. It was a good experience my character was a professor and I remember we used to often hangout with other people at the faculty longue, we had dorms, offices, cafeteria, library and classrooms, as far as I can remember classes were kept as minimum as possible nothing longer than 15 minutes unless it's something really interesting and we didn't stress it much people were free to attend or ditch, Unfortunately a few people went against the idea of college roleplay because they wanted high school instead so they took out the campus building from underneath us and used it as a high school, most of our members lost interest and Josh who was the faction leader got demotivated as well then we gave up on the faction eventually even though people were still sending apps to join us. I also remember that high school faction literally died after a week.
  18. I think a university should work more than a high school since GTA V already have a real location for a campus as said above and most players rp between 20 - 26 y/o, I used to rp in USALS around 2019 or 2020 I don't really remember, it worked good for a few months despite people being demotivated, If someone thinking about bringing that kind of roleplay back to ragemp they should consider implementing a few changes to the concept of college roleplay.
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