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  1. bobby3x

    March Release Update

    the clock is ticking, ain't looking too good.
  2. bobby3x

    March Release Update

    Also, if the server isn’t done now how was it looking when the release was supposed to be on December
  3. bobby3x

    March Release Update

    fr. LSRP might end up being a flop after promising to release the server 5 times with a year. Sad.
  4. I think the link is in the description. Ik we not in San Qunetin with the prison but this is a nice design for Boiling brokes Interior.
  5. I’m Bobby3x n I run 83GC. New to LSRP but I’ve rpd on a couple good text to servers and kno how this stuff works, love how LSRP is looking and can’t wait to do sum nappbashin on the 24th ønk three criiiiip
  6. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1g-6IZDRgcGJ77XCXR4xwadOs8HJ2WryF
  7. Which thread do you believe are the best looking ones? Let everyone know down below.
  8. Probably Cartels or something related to them.
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