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  1. Glad you guys liked the stuff. GTA V Mapping scene is neat, with right objects...shits unlimited.
  2. Hope you'll get shit sorted out, good stuff. #Add furniture objects
  3. No /v park's with stuff in it. It's abusive and play-2-winish. Wanna store shit? Do it inside your house, don't want it to be broken in? Get alarm systems and all that. I never liked /v park on LS, people used vehicles like a OOC stash. Faggios stacked with AK's and all that crap, it was just messed up. Just because they didn't wanna store it inside the cribs, sure I get it. You wanna be on top 24/7, but its just unfair advantage. Specially if cops looking for certain murder weapon and what-not, and its just disappeared. And once a while, you might be lucky and catch people abusing the stash-car, and yet...it turns into a big ooc bitching. - No /v park with illegal valuables in it, thank you.
  4. Kirill's mapping showcase Prison/SD misc Liberty City Police Department Los Santos Police Department Misc' Court House Drug Island Cargo Ship Vice City port Prison (old-test project) Businesses/Misc
  5. restrictions don't work on a RP community, this isn't FiveM 32 player community nor gang war server, where everyone has their own turfs and must remain at their "spawn point sectors?" o.o
  6. I'd like the business system to be real lean. If people wish to create insurance companies, they shouldn't be limited to do so. Get a custom number to call the businesses hotline, maybe even business lease/request could provide something in terms of company feature that we had on SA:MP LS. People loved the ability to request certain vehicles that were posted up outside their businesses. Limo services and what-not. I just want the business request process to be real lean and not limit people from doing what's possible in the real world. I'd like to see proper pawn shop system with self-inventory. Allowing workers with given "perm" to store the items that they got from players. Same goes with clubs and such, in terms of alcohol sales and such. Have some sort of business inventory with list of items. I would also love to see business script that would allow owners to create certain "items". Like, let's say I own a diamond shop and I'm not just gonna have "chains" "earrings" "watches" and what-not, could expand it where I could say... a 14K gold chain and it'd be 700 bucks. And once that specific name-item was bought, player would get a chain that he could wear. Basically, since GTA V got bunch of chain objects and modders could make couple more stuff, we could get same "object" a different value. So if somebody would rob an individual for a 700 dollar chain, he could pawn it for good 400 bucks (or whatever deal he makes with the pawn shop keeper) and store could sell it for profit. I'd really love to see a flexible system in the businesses, not limiting them and half the time people just get by with "RP", instead...you could provide both, RP and value.
  7. That's what's up. My bad, didn't see the comment earlier. Good stuff my dudes.
  8. What if somebody has a busy schedule during the academic hours. People got jobs, some paying their own bills. Not to mention, people take extra shifts to keep their jobs. This Covid shit ain't made it easy on people keeping jobs, and some people wish to RP a deputy. They could pull their hours...after their work hours. Question here is...will there be private academies for people who couldn't make it into the academy date. Instead of just "Sucks to be you, you should of joined us decade ago". Its easy to say it when your part of a faction for numerous years, what about new people...what's gonna be the compromise here. And umm...if you got 20 people in academic division, private academies for certain individuals shouldn't be a problem. And that's coming from an experience, I used to train multiple people...2-3 hour sessions with each one...but that depends on a person, if he or she is willing to give a damn about simple life circumstance. I'm supportive with the IG academy, show and tell...its just a question of compromise. You cant expect people ditch their work for academy, even so..those people would be active after their work hours. What's the strategy for that? Keep in mind, we ain't 16 anymore. A lot of people here are over 25 and got everyday shit. What's the flexible act here. (Phone)
  9. I hear you, but at the same time...there wasnt any possibility to portray the rich life. People could only get themself some expensive house, vehicles and roll around club scene or something fancy looking. Thing is...back on SAMP, nothing rich life felt solid. People tried to pull these concepts off, but always failed. GTA V on other hand presents that realistic environment, and not to mention...back on SAMP we lacked values for certain things. You could only purchase an expensive watch at the mall that went for 10-25k , meanwhile here...clothing system alone gonna be spread. If you wanna purchase some designer clothing, tuxedo and what not...you'll need to visit those specific stores in rich areas. And prices will be buffed up. Different stores, different clothes, different prices. Probably same would be with chains, earrings. GTA V simply presents that joy of richful life. Personally, we never could ace a proper social life...because we also lacked the public attention, and you get that attention by having a proper news reporting faction, laying it out and have people something to talk about. If we get a proper news faction , we could have all kind of possibilities. As its gonna put little pressure on people on getting stuff right. Either its cop chase that's being recorded by news chopper, or someone flashing cash and gets put onto some article. At the same time, we never experienced proper rich life because nearly every 10th person would wanna act rich after grinding shitty jobs and bought a cheetah...but we never had proper IRS. Which is a shame...if we can get news properly set up and maybe get legal faction to chip in IRS, roleplay gonna become unlimited. (Phone)
  10. If someone is gonna be creating news stations, promoting more legal RP...it'd be great if they could appeal for certain vehicles, news vans, helicopter...and give the co-pilot of helicopter camera zoom-in/out (like the ones cops usually use), than you could have video recordings by news factions of an actual police chase from the air, which is extremely popular in US...plus it'd keep everyone on their toes. There's plenty of possibilities with solid news factions, its something that always been undermined, but in reality...news/media, has a huge impact on society. It presses on the city-hall to make certain acts during a huge political circumstance. Some kid that got shot while being unarmed by lawmen, pursuits that were out of hand on terrible perfomance, homicides that are being investigated...pushing the investigating department to give out statements. There are endless possibilities that can keep the city "alive", by reporting the news of any kind. That's what makes the server feel "alive", you can have 4.000 players online, but without News department that's willing to promote social impact...it'll never feel alive. I hope certain news department leaders gonna be willing to step into this huge role, I know that it was ignored on SAMP and nobody really cared about it, it was a different engine and different gameplay feeling, but GTA V...it feels pretty real. I also hope legal faction team gonna support it and not try to step into their way for "reporting" the IC stuff, even if it'll make certain legal faction representatives look bad, its kind of...their fault for making faulty mistakes, you know? Let IC stuff grow, let it evolve. No interference.
  11. Walking dog and having them to sit and even bark is possible, been done on multiple Rage MP communities. Regarding whole dog fight, yes...it does sound fucked up, but dog fight RP usually happens in closed off spots, abounded warehouses or some garage, and only certain people know about it, people who are serious players in the whole street hustle/illegal scene. That's why they keep it away from public, as it may look real messy and some "animal abuse" but that type of shit happens in reality, people just wanna portray certain aspects of reality to keep it real. We got people RPing blowing each others heads off with brain particles flying around, I dont think itll be any different for a dog/cock fight. Long as it's done in a dislocated spot among people who aren't snowflakes, should be fine. (On phone)
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