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  1. ttcf is an irl county jail in la and afaik the actual prison is being used rather than a county jail (thank god)
  2. will the schemes system ever open up to nonfactions applicants? So that you don't need to be apart of a faction to apply for a scheme?
  3. Yeah, there's plenty of areas that could use this treatment, such as Paleto and El Burro. I was just thinking as a whole the server could benefit a lot from custom areas made by the modding team.
  4. Due to South LS and other parts of the map such as El Burro, Paleto Bay doesn't have many hoods, I believe it would expand ILLEGAL-RP if the modding team were able to create custom map additions. This would create a unique experience for players who wish to play a text based server and improve gang roleplay around South Central and any other area where housing areas can be created. Some areas in which I believe would be best for map additions: Grove Street: Davis Mega-MALL: Example of what I am talking about:
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