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  1. No. Los Santos is a lore version of Los Angeles. San Andreas is the lore version of California. Even the developers of Rockstar/GTA V stated it. Why is there a need for this to be an island it wouldn't be connected? That breaks the lore, even knowing that Los Angeles can be driven to. If Los Santos is Los Angeles, reason for an island is? It isn't Hawaii.
  2. Anyone here would like to VC upon this topic? I'm in Room 3, main Discord.
  3. This a team. A unit. This isn’t their main duties as it says, I’ve been aware of PARS & this topic. Continue reading to see where it mentions Los Angeles County Probation Department.
  4. Yes I put it here, but not to convince… It’s just to see you guy’s thoughts, not convince. Why would I convince you all? I’m a community member too, and we don’t have the last say so.
  5. GTAW versus LS-RP:V. Two different leaderships, communities, and sectors of role-play. Parole & Probation doesn’t always require us to be on, as stuff wouldn’t just be happening on a day-to-day basis. It would take time. Our job isn’t to go out and patrol streets, we’d sit in a headquarters, building, office until we are needed.
  6. My job honestly isn’t to convince you all, it would be Faction Management, yes? And I request that you direct-message me and I for surely will answer anything desired to be known.
  7. Custody Operations is not dealing with this faction’s duties.
  8. Not the start, thank you. LSSD can handle Custody Operations, that does not mean Parole, Probation, or things of that nature. But thanks for this!
  9. I believe they do as well, but if our goal is to be realistic, here’s another option. Thanks bro!
  10. This is in real life? Los Angeles County Probation Department. LASD in real life ONLY handles Custody Assistance at Twin Towers Correctional Facility. CDCR is an agency that would handle “Boiling Broke” if you wanted to be 100% realistic. ‘The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department oversees the correctional facility that the one in-game is being based upon’. This is not true at all, Boiling Broke is a federal facility, LASD has no business there technically. And from my knowledge, isn’t Boiling Broke based off of Victorville Federal Prison?
  11. That’s why this idea was brought to play. Everyone complained of it not being realistic & portraying of LA.. Here is one that exists.
  12. But that isn’t the most realistic approach, at all. SD can handle Custody Operations as much as they choose. Only because SD is technically Custody Assistants in real life and they have no SADCR faction. Also, incase you didn’t know SADCR would technically handle Boiling Broke. SD would handle Twin Towers, so that isn’t as realistic either. As listed above, SD can continue handling Boiling Broke, allow for Probation Department to handle the probation, parole, and so on side of things.
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