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  1. We've taken the appropriate measures to ensure we're keeping patrol to a minimum in those areas. We'll continue to evaluate and take proactive measures to keep a fair balance between PD and criminals. Naturally, this will also be solved with an increasing playerbase and more businesses/factions opening up in the western part of the city, however- we'll do what we can now to ensure a fun and realistic space for all parties involved.
  2. You're more than likely talking about a mutual aid pursuit between PD and SD. Most, if not all supervisors in PD know having 19 cruisers in a pursuit line is not how that's meant to be done (pursuit lines are called code four, etc). There's plenty of crime and with Davis and Jamestown being a hot spot, it's only natural for there to be a high police presence. We've taken measures to lighten up and ensure the playing field is both fair for criminals and police officers in terms of camping. The high presence is there because of the ridiculous amount of shootings that go on and that's how it goes w/ neighborhoods IRL.
  3. With a recent shift in leadership, the LSPD leadership team have been working hard at providing changes internally to enhancing the experience for faction members and the community. We're now shifting the focus to the community to gain additional insight on any areas that you believe may need improvement or be addressed. We're open to your feedback, your experience with the LSPD thus far, or to any questions that you may have. Just a reminder, LSPD is currently looking for new members to join its ranks, if you're looking to explore law enforcement roleplay, the LSPD is your spot. Join our forums here! Thanks!
  4. Hanging this on my wall.
  5. zapper


    can u get in the lobby
  6. I think we can be appreciative of the little steps towards improving the transparency to the community.
  7. hi, i'm good how are you dedicated skye healer, dw. you held down your own
  8. hey ding dong what do u want yeah get carried
  9. missing these days the most ;( thank u kings this was deserved
  10. congratulations benavides?? is that you akhi??
  11. im literally fuckin kidding lol
  12. Add me on Discord: zapper#0001. I'd play with ya.
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