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  1. Mans got a whole mop on his head let me see a pic of your room sergi
  2. remember when you was lil vanilla ice from the varrio
  3. ima make sumn goood tap in if you widdit
  4. shoutout blondie and pacmale and paranormal harambe we are linking everybody up and making ls-rp the hub for top tier sureno role play like it always has been
  5. where is the raza at are there any og sureno role players of lsrp let it be known you're here WGS18 VLS13 BLW13 SOHA13 F13 GH13 EC13 SSL13 CVTF13 WP13 to name a few...
  6. one person for sure, duzion/mario deradoz
  7. regarded as the spaceghostpurrp of los santos role play's sureno scene because of the props i'll never receive for teaching these stone broke kids the emotes they never would have been typing without me every other role play server that i've played on feels like a kindergarten class room compared to los santos role play, i'm not writing this to bash but as a veteran player i'm happy to be here for lsrp 5's launch enjoy some content for gangs that i made on lsrp
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