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  1. skyrocket

    July Update

    Because they may aswell stop if it takes much longer, the script looks banging and it seems like 90% of the features are there. They are just dotting the I's and it is better for them to not release a concrete date, giving them more time incase they encounter more issues.
  2. skyrocket

    July Update

    The release date is August.
  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20200313204618/https://forum.ls-rp.com/
  4. 2010. There was a little crip faction in glen park at the time.. I forgot the name however.
  5. we all know yall still gonna hop on when it does release
  6. He was here last meeting which was a couple days ago, and he said he was back.
  7. No they'll just ban management from their discord at which point you won't be informed of anything anymore because they don't use their forums.
  8. the moon is 384,400 km away from Earth, a spacecraft can do it in 3 days. What is the numeric value of pi?
  9. They should be able to get robbed off of you, however you should also have the possibility to create a new key at City Hall or something to give to a friend.. going a bit further, maybe having a key allows you to vspawn the car if you're near the spawning area? Against losing keys upon being PK'd.
  10. just posting here to upgrade my rank ps kebabhoofd
  11. is banned from every legal faction and discord, probably wont last a week in the server
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