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  1. He was here last meeting which was a couple days ago, and he said he was back.
  2. No they'll just ban management from their discord at which point you won't be informed of anything anymore because they don't use their forums.
  3. the moon is 384,400 km away from Earth, a spacecraft can do it in 3 days. What is the numeric value of pi?
  4. They should be able to get robbed off of you, however you should also have the possibility to create a new key at City Hall or something to give to a friend.. going a bit further, maybe having a key allows you to vspawn the car if you're near the spawning area? Against losing keys upon being PK'd.
  5. just posting here to upgrade my rank ps kebabhoofd
  6. is banned from every legal faction and discord, probably wont last a week in the server
  7. It doesn't matter what sort of PC you have. If there are too many vehicles, the world will stop loading in. You can't fix this because it is a GAME limitation. It's not gonna be solved unless GTA V Online gets updated to allow more people in one lobby, we're probably gonna have +/- 400+ members at some point in something that's made for 32 players.
  8. ENBs will not work until EAC is working or disabled.
  9. Not possible but it is possible to use ped skins, I believe.
  10. Client side mods will be enabled in the main server.
  11. is that johann fischer? big fan bro

    1. Damien0815


      we stan johann fischer

  12. I also believe that the people who made Alt:V, were the same devs who sold GT-MP. Don't quote me on this. Either way, RageMP is much more popular than Alt V is.
  13. FiveM has limitations to the amount of players that can be in the server, plus it's a big hassle since it's more pointed towards voice roleplay.
  14. even if it does have aim assist, ragemp implemented something that can disable it!!!! not sure where or how but its there https://rage.mp/forums/topic/8158-ability-for-servers-to-enabledisable-aim-assist-for-clients/
  15. This would require some testing, because afaik the world starts disappearing if there are too many vehicles in one area.. But unsure if it's to do with the script or just straight up an engine limitation.
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